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Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary –2020 Update

The Philippines is known as a hot country. People love the warm weather and the sunny skies, but when it becomes too hot, it is time to hit the cooler parts of the country and get a break. Having a Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary list is vital. It will guide you where you need to go. The weather in Tagaytay is cool and breezy, which will give you the energy to explore and participate in all kinds of adventures within the city and its nearby areas. Tagaytay is just a short distance from Manila, so planning a trip here should be less of a hassle. You can go to and from Tagaytay within a day. What’s the best thing to do in Tagaytay in 2020? Read on, and find out!

Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary

Tagaytay’s beauty

Tagaytay city is just 60 kilometers away from Manila and is the best getaway for people who want to escape the pollution and searing heat of the metropolis. Warm weather can get pretty in intense, especially in the summer, so planning a trip to Tagaytay even becomes more vital. However, people just don’t come for the cooler climate. Another reason is the majestic views of Taal Lake and Taal volcano.

Taal volcano is more than just the famed small crater known as Binintiang Malaki. This small hill is just one of the craters of the volcano. The entire Taal Lake is the crater of an ancient, enormous volcano formed during prehistoric times. Right now, the remaining active part is the land formation in Taal lake known as Volcano island

Tagaytay is elevated and serves like a giant upper stage that offers you a grand view of Taal Lake below. The tourism industry here is vibrant and attract local and foreign tourists. There is a wide array of accommodations in its highways and alleys. There is something available for every price point, and you can choose from luxury villas to budget hotels. Restaurants are as varied you can select from fine dining to fast food places. Your Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary list should be easy to fill.

Moving around in Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary

Tagaytay has no Taxis and Uber doesn’t serve this location but traveling and moving around should be no hassle since there are at least three modes of transportation:

Jeepney- Jeepney is the best mode of travel within the city. From Olivarez point near the Rotonda area, you can ride a jeepney and go in any direction. You can also ride from the highway back to the main city. You have to pay the minimum fare which will increase the farther you go

Bus- A bus will also take you anywhere you need to go to the city. The buses are parked along the Rotonda area and travel to points in Nasugbu, Alfonso and Tagaytay

Tricycle- If you are going to a destination that is a little bit out of the way, a tricycle can take you to the exact spot. If you are going on a special trip which means you won’t be sharing the tricycle, you have to pay a heftier price of P100 or 2 dollars. If you are going to a common destination such as the city center you can pay the standard price.

Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary – food trip places

You can count the number of restaurants that line Tagaytay, and the final number you will end up with will be pretty high. Tagaytay is a well-developed commercial tourist spot, so expect to have an extensive collection of establishments.

Leslie’s and Josephine Restaurant

These two restaurants are top choices for family gatherings and outings. It should be top in your Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary. It is crucial to order their specialty, which is a bowl of bulalo or bone marrow broth. The golden soup is mouthwatering, and you will want second helpings. 

Bag of Beans

Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary

This restaurant became famous because of their yummy dishes. They have quite a number of branches now. Their main branch is on Mendez Crossing. Other branches are in Summit Ridge, and Silang Crossing. Their roast beef is a must-try!

Mushroom Burger

If paying a hefty price for dinner turns you off, there is a fast-food option. Tagaytay doesn’t disappoint with Mushroom Burger, which is a go-to place in Tagaytay City. The main ingredient is scrumptious mushrooms that give their burgers a distinct umami flavor. This fast-food place is easy to access and is just a ten-minute walk from Sky Ranch.

Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary—places to stay

Tagaytay is a major tourist draw that anywhere near Tagaytay is referred to as Tagaytay as well. Property owners and marketers refer to real estates such as hotels, lodges, and guesthouses as Tagaytay even when they are actually located in municipalities such as Alfonso, Silang, and Mendrez. Try to find out if the place you are being offered is truly in Tagaytay before you commit to any contract or deal.

Tagaytay Rotonda Area

This area is simply referred to as Olivarez. It is located in the main city. The major roads converge here or pass here. There are extensive lodgings and dining options in this spot. It is also the main hub of transportation. 

Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway

This area is situating at a distance from the main Rotonda area. This stretch has the best views of Taal lake and volcano. If you book a hotel by the lakeside, you will be especially satisfied. Sky ranch and Ayala Malls can also be found nearby.

Tagaytay-Calamba Road

Famous places such as Tagaytay Picnic Grove and People’s Park in the Sky are located near this area. There are a lot of lodging and hotel options in this area. You can also get good views of the lake.

Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary—Top 17 things to do

Hike Taal Volcano

Yes, we know that one of the things you want to do in Tagaytay is to enjoy some food trip, but before you do any of that, enjoy nature’s wonder. Go to Volcano Point and hike Taal’s crater. Taal is unique since it is an island within a lake on an island in a lake on an island. Yes, we know it sounds confusing.

Visit Sky Ranch

Amusement parks are always golden places to have great entertainment. It never gets boring or old. Relieve your childhood at Sky Ranch and get lost in the wonder the amusement park has to offer. If you are going with balikbayan relatives, the cool climate of Tagaytay will serve them well. Plus, the amusement rides at Sky Ranch will keep the kids occupied

Glamping at 8 Suites

Make your Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary one of a kind. If you want unique accommodations under the starry sky, then go glamping. 8 Suits offer glamping accommodations that you can enjoy with friends and family. Spoil yourself with luxury amenities and glamping tents, and fluffy pillows. You even get a minibar. At any time, you have access to the hotel’s amenities.

Breakfast at Antonio’s

Don’t wait for special occasions to dine at Antonio’s. Make any day special, and treat yourself to a hefty breakfast. Antonio’s has a laid-back ambiance and an extensive menu. Choose pasta or any of their breakfast favorites. Cap off your meal with a cup of hot cocoa and experience what it means to have a good meal.

Museo Orlina

Orlina is known for his surreal water-like glass sculptures. Be awed by his otherworldly creations and visit the Museo Orlina. There are also bound to be exhibitions by other guest artists, so you will genuinely have an eye-opening experience.

Puzzle Mansion

If you are a puzzle whiz, Puzzle Mansion is just the destination for you. Be overwhelmed by tons of jigsaw puzzles. The collection has 1028 pieces which have been certified by Guinness.  It’s the most extensive collection of jigsaw puzzles in the world. Plus, there are even 3D puzzles if you want something more exciting. These puzzles were all collected by the owner Georgina Gil-Lacuna from her travels. The entrance fee is affordable at one hundred pesos.

Family lunch at Marcia Adams

People who go o Tagaytay want to have something instagrammable to show off to the social media world. There are many instagrammable places, but one of the places to try out is Marcia Adamas. The interiors of this restaurant match the food, which is both classy and high quality. Prices are steep, but the experience will be worth it. The main course is savory and comes with an appetizer and dessert. Everything is plated perfectly and worthy of Instagram.

Relaxing staycations at Anya

Tagaytay road scan gets pretty congested on peak days. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of moving around and enduring traffic, choose a good hotel to stay. Book a room at Anya since it will have everything you will need. They have a nice pool and amazing and invigorating spa services. You will get to be relaxed and have fun without stressing yourself. 

Bulalo at Diner’s

Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary

Bulalo is truly comfort food. We can’t repeat that often enough. Tagaytay nights can be bitterly cold, and bulalo is the perfect antidote. Have a bowl of bulalo at Diner’s and what’s best—it is open 24 hours.

People’s Park in the Sky

You get gorgeous views at only thirty pesos plus a history lesson. The People’s Park in the Sky was an unfinished mansion in the Marcos era and was the place US president Ronald Reagan was supposed to stay. Of course, the visit never pushed through. Now the park can be enjoyed by everyone.

Tagaytay churches

If you are planning to have a romantic wedding someday, there are quite a number of beautiful churches in Tagaytay you can book on your big day. If you are in Tagaytay for a Visita Iglesia, there are many churches you can go to. Churches have a lovely and charming architecture here. The fresh air and verdant greenery is truly romantic

Shop for sweets and sunflowers

Colette’s is the brand name to go to for some delicious book pie. Tagaytay road is peppered with outlets of buko pie that seem to be never-ending. There are different delicacies as well, like espasol. If you don’t like sweets, you can bring home some bright sunflowers sold on the highway. If you are traveling by car, you will have to make stops to fill your car.

Replenish your energy at Starbucks Domecillo


The first designer’s hotel in Tagaytay is Domecillo. The hotel also claims one the best view of Taal. Expect their Starbucks branch to be gorgeously designed. The fantastic ambiance and scenic view will give off good vibes.

Enjoy a drinking session at Tap Station Twin Lakes Tagaytay

College days were the time of drinking and boozing. Relieve the yesteryears and have a drinking session with friends at twin lakes. Support local brew and go on an impromptu visit at this location. It is worth spending your weekend.

Ilog Maria natural skincare

Ilog maria has extensive skincare that will nourish your skin. Ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced honey and bee wax. Ilog Maria may be a more affordable option to most high-end drugstore products, but its quality can’t be beaten. Other must-tries include feminine wash soap and sprays.

Nourish your mind at El Bodhi Library.

Libraries may be old fashioned, but if you are the bookworm type, you will make the roundabout and visit El Bodhi. This is the bookworm’s paradise. It has cozy interiors that make reading an intimate and pleasurable experience. They also have a wellness shop that sells products that promote and well-being.

Special occasions at Purple Owl

If your significant other takes you to the Purple Owl, they may be ready to take your relationship to the next level. This is a popular proposal restaurant and getaway. Dinners in this restaurant are ultra-romantic. You need to have advance bookings, but it will be worth it. If you have any special requests and personalization, they will set it up for you.

Final Thoughts

Tagaytay is easy to access from Manila, so it is a place people in the capital can visit as often as they like. Local and foreign tourists should come to Tagaytay if only to see the awesome Taal. The city has fantastic views that inspire. Tagaytay tourist spots itinerary offers you things to do and places to dine. A Tagaytay trip is something truly memorable and fulfilling.

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