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The Island of Siquijor Philippines: A Mystical Paradise

Siquijor, Philippines, island filled with witchcraft, healing, spiritual ceremonies, and of course beaches, it is a really unique island. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the people are kind; there are beautiful beaches and waterfalls to explore; it’s an ideal spot to spend a week or two resting.

If you want to visit Siquijor, Philippines, you should know that the island was known as Isla Del Fuego during the Spanish colonial period (Island of Fire). One of the highest literacy rates in the country, you can expect to meet a lot of pleasant folks eager to practice their English with you.

Are you planning to visit the island of Siquijor and you don’t know where to go? Worry nor more because this article will serve as your guide to the best things to go and do in Siquijor, as well as some additional bonus information that should hopefully make your vacation planning easier.


Best Things to Do in Siquijor, Philippines

Visit the Old Enchanted Balete Tree

Photo Credits: lakadpilipinas

The Balete Tree, like many other places in Siquijor, has a magical and spiritual history. The local shamen frequently use this 400-year-old tree for religious ceremonies. However, you are unlikely to come across any witchcraft during your vacation.

Instead, you’ll be dipping your toes in the fishpond at the tree’s base. Take a seat and let the fish eat the dead skin off your feet’ soles.

See the Majestic Siquijor Butterfly Sanctuary

This beautiful butterfly refuge is located in Cabilao village, Larena town, and is well worth a brief visit. They may be found at all stages of development, from caterpillars to pupa and beyond.

This trip will not only enhance your experience on the island of Siquijor, but it will also help to educate young people. Siquijor Butterfly Sanctuary is a conservation educational facility that teaches schoolchildren about biodiversity and how to protect it.

Take a Cool Dip at Lugnason Falls

A journey to a spectacular waterfall would not be complete without a visit to a Philippine island. Lugnason Falls is picturesque, with pure flowing water spilling into a turquoise pool below.

The water in the fall comes from a steam that rises above and is supplied by a natural spring. For a few years, the spring remained completely dry, and there were no waterfalls. Then, it is reported, a local shaman blessed the springs, and the water resurfaced.

Check out Tubod Marine Sanctuary

Photo Credits: siquijorisland

When visiting this designated marine reserve in Siquijor, there are three regulations to follow: no shell collecting, no walking on the corals, and no fishing. This marine reserve has thrived because the regulations have been so strictly enforced.

Above ground, you have the option of relaxing on the floating raft with sun loungers or venturing out in the kayak. Underwater, you may take a snorkel and get to know the wide variety of aquatic life that is just hanging there.

Visit Kanheron Ranch

Kanheron Ranch transports you to the ancient frontier with buck heads on the walls, cow skin couches, log vaulted cabin ceilings, and just about anything else you’d expect to see in an old western movie. It’s owned by a Filipino-American couple who have a great love of the wild wild west days.

You may come in on your own and take in the sights of cowboy hats, boots, and belt buckles. Take the hour-long excursion where a guide will escort you from exhibit to case if you want a tour of the museum displaying western relics.

Grab a Quick Bite at Al Capone’s Pizzeria

When you’re in need of some comfort food, there’s just one place to go in Siquijor: Al Capone’s Pizzeria. You can anticipate the greatest pie you’ve had in weeks, made with the finest international cheeses and meats and then beautifully baked in a wood fire pizza oven.

This hidden gem also provides wonderfully paired sandwiches, wings, and salads. They have some fantastic beers on tap as well as WIFI if you want to get comfy for a few hours.

Enjoy the View at Restaurant Saki

Photo Credits: tripadvisor

Restaurant Saki offers breathtaking views of the ocean from atop a cliff. This Asian sushi restaurant in Siquijor is the ideal place to have an ice-cold beer or a cocktail crafted by bartenders who know what they’re doing.

When you order the sushi platter, you can anticipate large servings that are ideal for sharing. Stay until the evening, and you’ll be rewarded with one of the most stunning sunsets you’ve ever seen.

Be Amazed by Cantabon Cave

Spelunking in caves is not for the faint of heart. Cantabon Cave is a must-see for anybody who likes daring, heart-pounding extreme sports.

You’ll be wearing headlamps to illuminate the slick, alien-like walls of Catabon Cave, which has rock sickles hanging down from every direction, and your guide will be there by your side to explain everything.

Get Involved by Siquijor Mountain Bike Tour

If you thought Siquijor’s beaches and waterfalls were gorgeous, just wait till you go inland. The rolling green hills for miles and miles, it feels like you and your party are the only humans on the planet as you start your mountain bike journey.

There are ‘Red, Blue, and Green’ level trails to accommodate a variety of mountain biking abilities and expertise. You’ll go on an adventure with a guide who knows every path like the back of his hand.

Get ready to Snorkel on San Juan Beach

Photo Credits: siquijorisland

If you’re a good swimmer, there’s a surprise waiting for you just off the coast of San Juan Beach. Grab your snorkel and perhaps some slippers, then swim approximately 50 meters off the coast to a snorkeling paradise.

There are vibrant reefs as far as the eye can view, with a plethora of wild species just waiting to be discovered. All of the expected characters will be there, such as clownfish darting in and out of anemones and large schools of fish swimming about in unison.

Get a Tan at Salagdoong Beach

If you ask the locals which beach is the greatest, they will most likely choose Saladoong Beach. This is a local favorite not just for its beautiful sandy beaches and mild water but also for the variety of coastal activities.

There’s also cliff diving, where you may leap off 7-meter and 10-meter boards right into the ocean. Water slides constructed onto the rocks whirl around and send you sailing into the sea.

Visit Marelle’s Underwater World Museum

Marelle’s Underwater World Museum is a comprehensive collection of sea shells, corals, and crabs of every form, size, and species. It’s an instructive and entertaining way to spend an hour of your day.

Catamaran fishing boats, fishing nets, graphs, charts, and maps are among the displays that relate to the fishing culture of Siquijor. This is also one of the greatest places to find innovative and one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

Explore the Whole Island of Siquijor via Scooter

Photo Credits: erikastravelventures

Rent a motorcycle and explore the round island on your own. You’ll see signage for famous tourist attractions like the butterfly refuge, waterfalls, caverns, and beaches as you go. Take your time and explore as much as you like.

In terms of crime, this is an incredibly safe island, so don’t be afraid to take dirt roads or side streets and discover where they lead. This is frequently the greatest way to discover amazing eateries, support local convenience stores, and discover unspoiled beauty.


Top Restaurants in Siquijor, Philippines

It can be exhausting after a long day of touring around the island of Siquijor. Recharge your batteries by dining at one of the island’s best restaurants.


Salamandas’ hospitality will be the highlight of your entire vacation. The cuisine is wonderful, and the staff is all stunning on the inside and out. They can even set you up with a private candlelit table.

🍽️The Danish Lagoon Luxury Beach Resort Restaurant

The restaurant claims to have the largest burger in the country, although it is only the largest on the island. Enjoy the wonderful meals as well as the elegant decor of the restaurant.

🍽️Villa Marmarine Restaurant

For breakfast, the restaurant serves a pork tapa set with eggs, rice, fruit, and coffee or tea, which will help you power up for the long day ahead. You may appreciate the view while eating your breakfast as an extra bonus to the experience.

🍽️Joel’s Lechon Manok

It is the closest restaurant to the port, so it will be handy for you to stop for a quick lunch as you approach the island. They also provide a choice of foods that are ready to serve so that you may begin your journey straight away.

🍽️U. Story Guest House Bar-Restaurant

Allow yourself to be swept away by the charm of this area as you are waved by the water in a calm and peaceful ambiance. Your host will share their passion for food with you and produce a unique blend of flavors from southern France and the exotic tropics.


Frequently Asked Questions about Siquijor, Philippines

Q: Is it safe to visit Siquijor Island?

A: Siquijor is typically safe, so there’s no reason not to visit for a relaxing vacation at one of the island’s many lovely resorts.

Q: Why is Siquijor known as the “Island of Fire”?

A: Because of the strange illumination that appeared on the island at dark caused by swarms of fireflies flitting over the lush greenery.

Q: What is the most well-known feature of Siquijor?

A: Siquijor is well-known for the mysterious and mystical legends that surround the island. But it’s also well-known for its many clean beaches, stunning waterfalls, and historical monuments.

Q: What is the culture of Siquijor like?

A: Siquijor is well-known for its distinct Philippine culture of mixing Catholicism with ancient religious rituals, which forms an important part of its people’s cultural history and identity.

Q: Is Siquijor, Philippines frightening?

A: It’s such a distant location in the Philippines that Filipinos don’t even visit it. But it’s not terrifying at all; instead, it’s wonderful due to its magnificent beaches and landscape.

Q: What is Siquijor, Philippines’s tagline?

A: “Healing Paradise,” to promote the traditional culture of the island.


Final Thoughts

Siquijor island is for you whether you are intrigued about the island’s enchantments or just wish to spend a calm and unforgettable holiday. And because of its remoteness from contemporary society, this location attracts few travelers. However, if you are searching for a holiday away from the noise of the city, crowded areas, and traffic, this island is perfect. If you are planning to visit the Philippines on your next trip here are some fast-food chains you can visit to have some familiar comfort food.

Are you planning to visit Siquijor on your next visit to the Philippines? Share your thoughts and expectations in the comment section.







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