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Baguio has long been unique of the Philippines’ most popular tourist attractions. This mountain city has drawn visitors, particularly during the summer and holidays such as Christmas and New Year, due to its pine-prevailed landscapes, cold temperatures, and general romantic ambiance.

Baguio, although being a heavily developed city, maintains some of its rural beauty in certain areas. Baguio offers something for every kind of tourist and age group, from natural sights to contemporary ones. Food culture and the retail regions have evolved into tourist attractions in and of themselves.

Here are some of the most acceptable activities to do and places to visit in and around Baguio City, whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor. We’ve included attractions from nearby municipalities like La Trinidad and Tuba in our list.

Please attend the official websites or Facebook pages before visiting since opening hours may vary, particularly now that the epidemic is still present.

Note that although Baguio is physically in Benguet, it is not within the province’s authority. Its charter and administration are in place.

1. Tree Top Adventure

Things to do Baguio Tree Top Adventure Baguio: Experience the extreme - Nheng's WonderlandSOURCE: Trip Advisor

Are you crooked to the rush of adrenaline? Then Tree Top Adventure, located at Camp John Hay, is the place for you! This experience park has a sort of exciting attraction to get your pulse racing.

The Canopy Ride, Superman Ride (zipline), and Tree Drop are the most popular attractions (harnessed free fall). If you’re traveling with friends who aren’t like extreme sports, they may still utilize the P100 consumable entry charge to go hiking or take the cable cars/seats to a viewpoint. Each ride/attraction will cost extra money. However, the entry charge of 100 pesos will subtract since it is consumable.

The following are the rates:

  • P300 for the Superman Ride
  • P200 for the Silver Surfer Ride
  • P250 for a canopy ride
  • P150 for Skywalk + Trekking
  • P150 for a tree drop

Combo packages are also available. The following are the rates:

  • P400 for Canopy Ride + Silver Surfer
  • P500 for Canopy Ride + Superman Ride
  • P700 for the Canopy Ride, Silver Surfer, and Superman Ride.
  • P900 for all activities

Note that you may tailor the bundle to your preferences; the cost will vary based on your selections.

InnScout Hill Dr., Camp John Hay Philippines

Hours of Operation: The regular business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Depending on the weather, the timetable may vary.

Dress code: Shorts are permitted. However, they must be no less than two inches above the knee.

2. Yellow Trail 

Following the Yellow Trail at Camp John Hay | Baguio - Nomadic ExperiencesSOURCE: Nomadic Experiences

The Yellow Trail, commonly known as the Forest Bathing Trail, winds through the pine-covered Camp John Hay for approximately 1.5 kilometers.

The walking route connects the two jumping-off locations, Le Monet and Tree Top Adventure. The path continues beyond the Tree Top Adventure to Scout Hill, the trail’s ultimate destination.

Take the uphill path that begins at Le Monet Hotel and finishes at Scout Hill if you want a challenge. Take the opposite downhill path, starting at Scout Hill and ending at Le Monet Hotel, if you simply want to relax and appreciate nature.

The crew chose the more straightforward route and relished the opportunity to be in nature.

Baguio City, Camp John Hay (Scout Hill or Le Monet Hotel).

The path is available 24 hours a day, although it is best to walk during the day.

Admission is free.

3. Bell House

Bell House Museum Baguio - Review of Bell House - Camp John Hay, Baguio, Philippines - TripadvisorSOURCE: Trip Advisor

The Bell House, named for General J Franklin Bell, is inside the Camp John Hay boundary and not far from Tree Top Adventure.

This old official vacation home of the Philippines’ Commanding General has been turned into a museum. The well-preserved structure is in the style of American colonial architecture. It has a theater that may also use as a garden.

Baguio City’s Historic Core is located in Camp John Hay.

Business Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

P75 is the entrance fee. This price also grants access to the Negativism Cemetery.

4. Cemetery of Negativism

The Lost Cemetery of Negativism: Burying Bad Vibes in Camp John Hay, Baguio City, of the reasons I love to… | Baguio city, Camp john hay, CemeterySOURCE: Pinterest

The Cemetery of Negativism, also known as the Lost Cemetery, was made in the early 1980s by John Hightower, by the base’s commanding general, on a hillside between Bell House and Camp John Hay Picnic Area.

This cemetery, however, is not a traditional location for actual burial corpses but rather a symbolic place for burying negativity. Witty and punny “eulogies” were written on the tombstones, which often required a dash of irony to comprehend.

“Itz Not Possible,” according to one gravestone, was conceived on November 11, 1905, but “still not born.” Another has the words “Know Dam Way” etched on stone, followed by “Conceived New Years Eve 1910” below it. “It didn’t pan out.”

Head over here to frighten the negative vibes away if you’re searching for something unusual, humorous, and inspirational all at once.

Baguio City’s Historic Core is located in Camp John Hay.

Business Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

P75 is the entrance fee. The Bell House is also accessible for a charge.

5. Strawberry Farm La Trinidad

Into the Strawberry Fields of La Trinidad – The Pine-Scented ChroniclesSOURCE: The Pine-Scented Chronicles

The most popular strawberry Farm in the region is located approximately 30 minutes north of Baguio. Although it is often linked with Baguio City, it is located in La Trinidad.

Strawberry prices in this area range from P250 to P300 per kilo. You must pay an extra P200 if you wish to harvest your strawberries, which is the primary attraction of this location. From November through May, you may harvest strawberries.

A pasalubong area, consisting of numerous gift shops, is also located on the property. Strawberry taho and strawberry ice cream are must-tries! The farm also sells fresh food and plants in addition to strawberry goods.

The Benguet State University manages and owns the La Trinidad Strawberry Farm.

Address: La Trinidad, Benguet, Barangay Betag

Business Operation: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

There is no charge to enter. 200 pesos (Strawberry-Picking Experience)

6. StoBoSa’s Colors

LOOK: La Trinidad houses turn into gigantic, colorful muralSOURCE: Rappler

Another famous tourist attraction in La Trinidad is the StoBoSa Colors. The idea of the DOT-CAR, in cooperation with the Tam-Awan Village organization, came up with various design concepts and over 500 residents/volunteers. It was officially called StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork.

The mural covers the hillside homes of three sitios in Barangay Balili: Stonehill, Botiwtiw, and Sadjap, hence the name “StoBoSa.” In 2016, the public was introduced to the StoBoSa Colors.

Address: La Trinidad, Benguet, Barangay Balili

Business Operation: Open 24 hours, seven days a week

Admission is free.

7. Bell Church 

Bell Church (La Trinidad, Benguet) – B.L.A.S.T. – Live Life to the Fullest ……… Don't Stay PutSOURCE: Benjie Layug

The Bell Church, also in Barangay Balili close StoBoSa and the Baguio-La Trinidad boundary, is a temple established in 1960 by Chinese immigrants from Canton (Guangzhou).

The tranquil environment and view from walking around the courtyard draw many visitors to the temple, making it a popular tourist attraction. A tiny lily pond is also included.

In La Trinidad, Benguet, FA 347 Bell Church Road, Philippines

Business Operation: 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is important to note that it shuts between 12:00 and 1:30 p.m. for lunch.

Admission is free.

8. Bencab Museum 

BenCab Museum – Pinay Travel Junkie

SOURCE: Pinay Travel Junkie

The BenCab Museum in Tuba, only a short drive from Baguio, is worth a visit. A Philippine National Artist for Visual Arts, Benedicto Reyes Cabrera (BenCab), established and manages the private museum.

BenCab’s masterpieces and works by other renowned painters and rising contemporary artists are on display at the museum, which launched to the public in February 2009. It seeks to emphasize environmental protection and cultural preservation of the Cordilleras legacy and encourage the arts. There’s a café, an organic farm, and a small forest at the museum.

Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet, Kilometer 91, #6 Asin Road

Business Operation: Tuesday through Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It’s worth noting that the final entry is at 5:30 p.m. Mondays, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Day are all closed.

P150 (General Admission), P120 (Students), P100 (Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities), FREE: (Children under 42′′ tall)

9. Tam-Awan Village 

Baguio: Tam-awan Village – Get a Glimpse of Cordillera Life in Baguio – Tupang GalaSOURCE: Tupang Gaia

The Chanum Foundation commissioned Tam-Awan Village, also known as Garden in the Sky, in 1998. Its goal is to build a model town with rebuilt traditional Cordillera homes to bring the region’s culture to a broader audience.

The cultural village celebrates the region’s indigenous handicrafts and beauty, as well as local artists. The hamlet currently contains nine traditional homes, seven Ifugao huts, and two Kalinga houses, after three cabins were brought from Ifugao. The original materials were used to rebuild these buildings.

You may arrange your accommodation here if you wish to immerse yourself even further.

366-C Pinsao Proper, Baguio City, Long Long Benguet Road

Monday toward Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sundays are closed.

Adults: P60, Students & Seniors: P40, Children: P30, Children: FREE (Toddlers)

10. Burnham Park 

Burnham Park, Baguio | Ticket Price | Timings | Address: TripHoboSOURCE: Trip Hobo

Burnham Park, in the center of Baguio, is the city’s most well-known attraction. Burnham Lake (or Lagoon) dominates the landscape, peppered with fascinating attractions such as the Rose Garden, the Orchidarium, the Children’s Park, a recreational park with a skating rink, and the Melvin Jones Grandstand.

Paddleboats (swan boats), bicycling, and go-karting are among the many enjoyable activities available at the park. If you become hungry while enjoying the park’s activities or just want to go food tripping in the neighborhood, there are plenty of food stalls and street food sellers to satisfy you and your stomach.

Burnham Park is located at Jose Abad Santos Drive in Baguio City.

Business Operation: Open 24 hours, seven days a week

Admission is free.

P75/30 minutes (Chopper/Big Bike), P50/30 minutes (Go-Kart), P100/30 minutes (Boat, suitable for five pax) Plus P50 if you wish to rent a rower.

11. Baguio Museum 

Baguio Museum (Learning about the people of the Cordillera region)SOURCE: coffeehan

The Baguio Museum is a short walk from Burnham Park. It is easily located since it is bordered by notable monuments such as the University of Baguio, Cordilleras, Baguio City National High School, and SM Baguio.

The museum’s collections depict the city’s history as well as the Cordillera region’s culture. The groups are organized into four categories: Baguio Gallery, Cordillera Gallery, and Alternative Gallery.

A training floor and a multi-purpose hall are also included in the structure. The museum’s restoration and refurbishment began in 2017 and is expected to complete by 2020.

Address: Gov. Pack Rd, Baguio City, Dot-PTA Complex

Business Operation: Tuesday through Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

P40 (Regular), P10-20 (Student) (Student Discount)

12. Botanical Garden of Baguio

Baguio Botanical Garden: Don't Go Here Until You Read This FirstSOURCE: ZEN Rooms

The Baguio Botanical Garden or Centennial Park is situated along Leonard Wood Road between Wright Park and Teacher’s Camp and is one of the city’s numerous green areas.

This is another famous tourist destination in the city, where tourists may rest in the lush surroundings. Baguio’s Central Business District is only a short drive away from the expansive botanical park. It offers many walking trails with numerous picture opportunities. The Igorot Village and Baguio Arts Guild are also located there.

37 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City, Philippines

Hours of Operation: Open Daily at 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 

Admission is free.

13. Wright Park

Wright Park in Baguio City - PHBus Tickets Ferry Online BookingSOURCE: PHBus

The Wright Park, named for former Governor-General Luke Edward Wright, is another ample green space.

This is a popular hangout place for both residents and visitors. It’s a beautiful park with walking and running pathways, bike lanes, and rest areas. It has a large pond or pool that nearly fills the concrete walkway that connects the Wright Park Kiosk and The Mansion façade. It also includes a wooded slope with pine trees next to the horse stable.

If you wish to go horseback riding in Baguio, Wright Park has many horses to pick from and is conveniently located in the city center.

Wright Park is located in Baguio City’s Pacdal Circle.

Business Operation: 24 hours daily, seven days a week

Horseback Riding Rate: P200 for seven circles Entrance Fee: FREE

14. The Mansion

The Mansion (Baguio) - WikipediaSOURCE: Wikipedia

The Mansion House, often known as The Mansion, is reached by a lengthy concrete walk with a pool in Wright Park. This was made in 1908 to house the US Governor-official General’s home in the Philippines. Mansion House was rebuilt in 1947 after suffering extensive damage during WWII.

It now serves as the President of the Philippines’ official summer residence. Other significant governmental events and foreign meetings are held there as well.

The Mansion is located on Baguio-Bua-Itogon Road in Baguio City.

Opening Hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week (Mansion Gate). The Mansion is usually locked to the public, so visitors may only catch a view of the inside from the entry gate.

15. Camp John Hay Picnic

Camp John Hay - ExploreSOURCE: Camp John Hay

Baguio’s mild climate encourages tourists to engage in outdoor activities like picnicking with friends or family. Bring your meals and make sure you have everything you’ll need for a pleasant day of connecting with your loved ones while enjoying the landscape.

You may lay down a mat or locate a picnic table in a suitable location. A picnic area with picnic tables is available for hire at Camp John Hay. For the first three hours, the fee is P200, and after that, the cost is P300.

It’s also possible to do it in Burnham Park. Please remember to clean up after yourself, regardless of where you do it.

16. Night Market in Baguio

Baguio night market in danger of closureSOURCE: Rappler

Although the idea of night markets is not as prominent in the Philippines, it is woven into market awareness.

Baguio has established a strong night market culture, attracting visitors to the Central Business District’s Harrison Road. This is perfect for people who wish to get a good deal or satisfy their stomachs without having to delve further into their wallets.

Always keep a watch on your things when you come here to buy or dine.

Address: Baguio City, Harrison Road

Hours of Operation: 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. (Daily)

17. Cathedral of Baguio

Permitted Attendance for Gatherings and Religious Services in Baguio Reduced - BCGSOURCE: Baguio City Guide

Baguio Church, also known as Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral, is a hilltop cathedral with views over Session Road and the bustling downtown streets. It was committed to the Virgin Mary, although it was first released in 1936.

A neo-Romanesque architectural style has twin belfries/spires, a rose window (facade), and stained glass windows. It is one of Baguio’s most well-known landmarks, situated next to Saint Louis University.

Visitors must walk up many stairs from Session Road to reach the cathedral’s courtyard and cathedral. You may also travel to the Porta Vaga Shopping Mall and take the escalator to the church’s parking lot.

Our Lady Of Atonement Cathedral is located on Session Road in Baguio City.

Tourists are welcome at any time, but please be courteous while mass is in progress. On the official Facebook page, you can see the mass timetable.

Admission is free.

18. Taho Strawberry

Here's a Strawberry Taho Recipe for Those Who Won't Brave the Baguio Traffic This-Coming Long Weekend - - Recipes, Taste Tests, and Cooking Tips from Manila, PhilippinesSOURCE:

You must eat strawberry taho if you are visiting Baguio. They’re all around, particularly near major tourist attractions like Burnham Park, Session Road, and Mines View Park, to mention a few.

Taho is a Filipino snack of silken soybean curd (tofu), brown sugar syrup, and tapioca flour (sago pearls). It’s usually served or sold in the morning, but depending on availability, it may now eat at any time of day.

Because strawberries are plentiful in Baguio, residents created their variation by substituting strawberry syrup for brown sugar syrup. And they owned it to a tee!

19. Strawberry Ice Cream

Baguio - Strawberry ice cream | Windowseat.phSOURCE:

Still, on the subject of putting a unique spin on everyday foods, the locals are making the most of their strawberries by creating their strawberry-flavored ice cream. Strawberry ice cream isn’t exactly new on the market, but the ones in Baguio have a distinct flavor. And we don’t mean it in a bad sense.

The ones offered at La Trinidad Strawberry Farm are the finest we’ve tasted. If you’re short on time, though, you may quickly locate it in downtown Baguio.

20. Diplomat Hotel

The Haunting at Old Diplomat Hotel | Baguio - Nomadic ExperiencesSOURCE: Nomadic Experiences

The 17-hectare property, officially known as the Dominican Hill Retreat House but more commonly known as the Diplomat Hotel, is sprawled atop the Dominican Hill and was originally built as a retreat house for Dominican priests and nuns until World War II when the Japanese arrogated and changed it into a war prison and military garrison.

Between the 1970s and 1980s, the Diplomat Hotel reopened after extensive renovations and refurbishment. Given its history, particularly the horrors of WWII, it has acquired a reputation for paranormal activity, regularly ranking among the Philippines’ most haunted locations.

The municipal government of Baguio has designated the whole hill area a cultural and historical monument, naming it Dominican Heritage Hill and Nature Park. Photoshoots, filming, wedding receptions, and other events and activities are permitted on the site, undergoing restoration and development for tourism.

Dominican Hill is located on Diplomat Road in Baguio City. Taking a taxi from the city center is the best method to get there.

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Daily)

Admission is free.

21. Ukay-Ukay Stores

Ukay-Ukay: PH's version of Thrift Shop | Philippine PrimerSOURCE: Philippine Primer

Without “SM” — Segunda Mano shops, Baguio would not be Baguio. The bustling streets and corners of downtown Baguio were strewn with second-hand shops, locally known as wagon but commonly known by visitors as ukay-ukay. Tourists can quickly get lost among the mountains of choices for pre-loved goods. Clothing, purses, shoes, belts, scarves, and other accessories are among the items available.

To be honest, the variety of options may be very daunting. You may find some antique and unusual things if you have the patience and energy (haha). Skyworld (Session Road), Hilltop (in the rear of Baguio City Market), and Bayanihan are the most popular ukay-ukay locations (near Burnham Park). At the night market, you’ll also discover some well, excellent buys!

Good luck with your deal shopping!

22. Craft 1945

Experience authentic Spanish Cuisine at Craft 1945 - Out of Town BlogSOURCE: Out of Town Blog

Craft 1945 and Baguio Craft Brewery are two of the most popular craft breweries in the Philippines.

There are excellent drinking places in Baguio where you can satisfy your desire for beer, whether you are the kind that enjoys searching for local craft brews or simply want to have a calm dinner-and-beer type of night.

Locals and visitors alike like the Baguio Craft Brewery. It has many craft beers, including its trademark craft beers, named after legendary figures from Ifugao.

Craft 1945 is a Spanish-themed restaurant run by Baguio Craft Brewery that serves premium craft beers, tapas, and other Spanish cuisine.

Here are their addresses and hours of operation.

Baguio Craft Brewery is a microbrewery in Baguio City.

KM 4 on the Ben Palispis Highway, Baguio City

Monday through Friday, 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

1:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (Saturdays & Sundays)

9 Outlook Drive S, Baguio City, Craft 1945

From 1:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. (Daily)

23. Nightlife on Session Road 


Session Road is the most well-known street in Baguio. It is one of the city’s main thoroughfares. During the day, it is bustling with residents and visitors going about their business, but at night, pubs and hangout spots pulse with excellent music and great discussions.

Session Road has various foreign eateries and quick food restaurants if you want to eat first before getting lost in music and alcohol with friends and maybe new acquaintances.

If you wish to sample the local cuisine, there are many native restaurants to choose from, including Sizzling Plate, Ocha Asian Restaurant, Vizio’s Restaurant, Volante, and Drop Out.

24. Watering Hole for Artists in Ili-Likha 

Kullaaw in Ili-Likha Artists' Wateringhole | Kullaaw CollectionsSOURCE: Kullaaw Collections

Ili-Likha Artist Village, also known as Ili-Likha Artist Wateringhole, is located along Assumption Road. Eric de Guia (Kidlat Tahimik), an artist and filmmaker, turned an empty lot into this charming treehouse-themed food park in 2014.

Through the arts and cuisine, the location emphasizes the significance of conserving the environment and culture. It’s a constantly changing piece of art with many intriguing nooks and distinctive elements, such as the mosaic-covered stairway.

Healthy, preservative-free, and organic cuisine is serve at the homegrown eateries. Scout Burrows, Balbacua, Kape Kullaaw, Oh My Gulay, Café Cueva, Waynu, Ibana, Little Milkyway Vegan Café, Leandro’s Bistro, Yomichee, and Natengan Ed Ili are among the eateries.

It also has art and craft stores, as well as a variety of events and seminars. The whole location is beautiful, and guests will appreciate the relaxed and creative environment.

Business Operation: 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. 

Address: 32 Assumption Road, Baguio City at Ili-Likha Artists Village.

Admission is free.

25. Baguio Food Adventure

Restaurants Near Burnham Park to Experience in Baguio CitySOURCE: Yoorekka

Baguio is proud of its thriving food sector. Using the region’s wealth of resources, residents came up with many inventive methods to make meals and culinary items that scream “Baguio.” Some of these, such as strawberry ice cream and strawberry taho, have previously discuss. The Ili-Likha, Good Shepherds, night market, Burnham Park, and Session Road, to mention a few, are all excellent places to go food tripping.

Apart from indigenous restaurants and goods, Baguio also offers a wide range of cuisines. There are foreign tastes outside of the area – Korean, Japanese, American, Chinese, Vietnamese, and other Filipino cuisines. We’ll publish a separate post with additional information about it shortly, so stay tuned.

26. Benguet Coffee 

Ilocos, Benguet coffee named the best in PH - SUNSTARSOURCE: SUNSTAR

Coffee is readily available in Baguio, and finding Benguet coffee is not difficult. The city’s high altitude and milder climate make it one of the finest coffee-growing regions in the Philippines.

You may purchase some specifically at cafés like Kape Umali, the public market, the province’s, and northern Luzon’s most prominent coffee supplier. Traditional brews and specialized brews such as liquor coffee and gourmet coffee are available at the café. Enjoy the music while also admiring the artwork in the cafe’s gallery! Shangri-la Village, Mine’s View, and Baguio Market are the three locations.

27. Go flower and plant shopping

Gardens destroyed, Baguio sells cheaper flowers for UndasSOURCE: Rappler

The cold climate of Baguio is ideal for growing plants and flowers!

Many plant nurseries and gardens in and around the city offer various blooming, herb, and decorative plants. Veteran and rookie plantitos and plantitas alike will be enthralled by the variety of options available with these flower and foliage kids.

28. Get yourself a walis Tambo!

Whisk Broom or Walis Tambo Baguio by Baguio Cooking Utensils Whisks ourvagabondstories.comSOURCE: Our Vagabond Stories

Something about Baguio’s walis Tambo makes it one of the city’s most popular pasalubong products. My mother and aunts, for some reason, never forget to purchase one when we visit Baguio or to request one from loved ones who visit Baguio.

When I inquired about it, my mother casually said that walis Tambo from Baguio is sturdier and thicker.

29. Mines View  

Mines View Park in Baguio City | Philippine PrimerSOURCE: Philippine Primer

Mines View Park is the sole of most famous tourist destinations, always packed with crowds of visitors. My local friends say it’s more of a tourist trap, but we should still go check it out and see why it’s so popular because we’re visitors.

It has an observation platform with a panoramic view of Itogon town’s historic gold and copper mines below and the mountains beyond. This is also single of the most suitable location to view the dawn.

Early in the sunrise is the best time to attend if you want to escape the crowds. Many stores, booths, and peddlers offer souvenirs, clothing, toys, food, and even plants around the area. The park’s entrance is situated on Gibraltar Road.

Mines View Park is located on Gibraltar Road in Baguio City.

Business Operation: 5:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Admission is free.

30. Products from Good Shepherd

PRICE LIST: Good Shepherd Baguio ProductsSOURCE: Escape Manila

A location where you may obtain the renowned ube jam is not far from Mines View Park. It’s a must-see pasalubong stop in Baguio, where visitors eagerly queue for the trademark ube jam and other must-have items.

Good Shepherd’s advocacy is what makes purchasing from them so unique and rewarding. Good Shepherd has earned a reputation for creating high-quality goods that benefit a good cause. So, what happens to your money? Check the package (typically written on the lid): “Every time you purchase our goods, you help send us to college.” The funds will be utilize to assist Cordillera youngsters in attending college.

Strawberry jam (seasonal), blueberry jam (seasonal), peanut clusters, cashew brittle, Lengua, snowballs, angel cookies, choco flakes, alfajor cookies, banana chips, Sampaloc sweets, and more are among the other items available. There’s a rigorous ordering system in place:

Write down your orders beforehand.

Wait in line.

Give your order and money to the attendant.

Don’t miss out on some of their Take Out Products, which are essentially snack/merienda products. It should note that during peak season, lines may get very lengthy, and there is a per-person order restriction.

The Good Shepherd Convent is located at 15 Gibraltar Road in Baguio City.

Business Operation: Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., CLOSED (Sundays)

Admission is free.

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