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Things to do in Aklan: Top Activities you can Engage In!

Aklan is a Philippine province located in the northwest corner of Panay Island, featuring world-famous tourist attractions. The province is the country’s tourism hub, with one of its islands named one of “The World’s Best Islands” by significant travel publications. All year long, foreign and domestic tourists flock to this province to see its idyllic island, dive spots, kilometers of coastline, eco-parks, waterfalls, caverns, and museums, among other things.

Beachgoers, nature lovers, adventurers, and spelunkers will all fall in love with Aklan’s beautiful spots to visit. So if you’re still deciding where to spend your vacation or weekend, here are some of the top things to do in Aklan.

The Lagatik River Cruise is an Unforgettable Experience

The family of a famous engineer built the MV Mighty Sailor, which was the town of New Washington’s river cruise. Since that day, enjoying how tranquil and scenic the surroundings are when going on a cruise is an experience you don’t get to see and feel every day.

Dance to the Ati-Atihan Festival’s Music

The Ati-Atihan Festival is one of the most incredible things to do in the Philippines for anyone in need of a festive pick-me-up. The Ati-Atihan Festival is observed on the third Sunday of January to honor the newborn Jesus, known locally as the Sto. Nino. Ati-Atihan translates as “to be like Atis” or “Aetas,” the primary residents of the Panay beaches.

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Explore the Bakhawan Eco Park

If you enjoy being outside, the Bakhawan Eco-Park should be on your schedule. It is well-known as Aklan’s most popular tourist attraction. “Bakhawan” means “mangrove” in the local dialect. The Kalibo Save, the Mangroves Association, presently runs the country’s most successful reforestation project.

Visit the Kalibo Cathedral

The picture of Sto. Nino, patron saint of the Ati-Atihan Festival, is housed in the Kalibo Cathedral. This cathedral, officially known as the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, has had many ups and downs during its history. Natural disasters nearly destroyed this church, yet it remains to this day.

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Pay a Visit to the Museo It Akean

Museo It Akean (The Aklan Museum) is on Martelino Street in Kalibo, Aklan. The Museo is commonly referred to as the “Eskuylahan I Hari” (School of the King) since it was formerly a school building in the nineteenth century. The museum’s historical collection of antiquities is the theme, including jars, religious relics, Spanish-era items, and Pia Silk fabrics.

Aklan’s Top Tourist Attractions

Where should you go in Kalibo and Aklan? With this list of gorgeous locations, things to do, the finest places to visit, Kalibo tourist sites, attractions, and more.


Boracay is not only one of the greatest tourist destinations in Aklan, but it has also been named to the list of the “World’s Best Islands” by international travel publications and organizations on several occasions. It is a tiny island off the northwest tip of Panay Island that attracts millions of tourists all year.

The island’s most famous beach is White Beach, which runs 4 kilometers with cheap to high-end resorts and hotels, restaurants, and diving shops, among other things. Known as the “Island of Bliss,” tourists may enjoy various activities during the day, including parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, kiteboarding, and fly fish riding. Then, later in the evening, travelers may enjoy the fire dance and party all night.

Hinugtan Beach

Hinugtan Beach, an unspoiled and private beach, is one of the top tourist destinations in Aklan. It has fluffy white sand and blue seawater, and coconut trees and bermuda grass surround it. Rugged cliffs and hills surround both ends of the lengthy stretch of white sand beach.

It is a beautiful spot to spend time with family and/or friends while enjoying peace and solitude. Visitors may snorkel in its marine-life-rich waters, walk in the surrounding hills, play Frisbee on the white sand, or relax in a hammock.

Bakhawan Eco Park

Bakhawan Eco Park is a famous tourist attraction in Aklan and a suggested place for visitors who slowly immerse themselves in nature. This Eco Park is a 220-hectare mangrove forest hailed as the Philippines’ most effective mangrove restoration project.

It protects the surrounding community from natural disasters such as floods and storm surges. In addition, there is a 1.3-kilometer wood-and-bamboo boardwalk erected around the mangrove forest that tourists may follow from the entrance to the healthy mangroves, flying birds, bamboo bridge, and a lovely river.

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Jawili Falls

Jawili Falls is one of Aklan province’s most distinctive and popular tourist destinations. It is a seven-basin waterfall where water pours from one basin down a massive limestone stairway. Each waterfall features a large plunge pool with plenty of depth and width for swimming and cliff jumping.

A fantastic view of each basin, lovely trees on both sides, and a stunning sky above are visible at the highest point of the falls. There are installed concrete stairs for the tourists’ convenience, and the locals created picnic huts.

Nabas Wind Farm

Nabas Wind Farm is one of Aklan’s most notable tourist attractions. The province’s 18 massive wind turbines are strategically positioned along a mountain crest, supplying clean and sustainable electricity to the Western Visayas grid.

This location is a popular tourist attraction because it gives breathtaking views of the lush mountains of Aklan and the vast ocean.

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Ariel’s Point

Ariel’s Point, also known as Batason Point, is a fantastic Aklan location, especially if traveling to or from Boracay. It’s a spectacular seaside resort located on a limestone cliff surrounded by lush greenery.

Cliff diving is the most thrilling and distinctive activity at this location. Daring tourists can plunge down the deep waters from various heights of diving boards or platforms on a limestone cliff.

Hacienda Maria

Hacienda Maria is a 14-hectare oasis of natural beauty that serves as an ecotourism attraction in the province of Aklan, attracting both local and international visitors. The site’s primary features include a waterfall, caverns, and a Hot Pot Jacuzzi.

Visitors may swim and cliff jump at the waterfall’s 10-foot deep plunge pool. Then go spelunking in the two caverns, which are full of gleaming stalactite and stalagmite structures worth investigating.

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Pagatpat Mangrove Park

Pagatpat Mangrove Park is well-known in Aklan for its calm and tranquil setting. It is a fish refuge as well as a mangrove forest overlooking the Sibuyan Sea. Pagatpat Mangrove Park, like Bakawan Eco Park, has a connected bamboo trail where visitors may walk and explore the region.

Visitors may relax at one of the park’s many kiosks and take in the tranquil atmosphere. In addition, there is a function space in the park that would be excellent for meetings, retreats, and special events.

Tigayon Hill and Caves

Tigayon Hill and Caves, also known as Bukid Tigayon, is a beautiful area where fairies and supernatural creatures previously lived. Still, they have since gone owing to the increased number of visitors.

Following a concrete road and staircases, tourists would travel through a massive Balete Tree, with the Grotto of the Virgin Mary, a church, and a spectacular view of the Aklan River at the summit.

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Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring

Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring is the most incredible summer resort in the Aklan province. It is the province’s flagship, largest, and most popular cold spring source, where freshwater flows from the rocks.

It was by a local family and developed into a cold spring resort, which eventually became a popular destination for local and foreign tourists.


What Makes Boracay, Aklan, Philippines Unique?

So, what is it that makes Boracay so popular? What is it about Boracay that has virtually everyone swooning? Here are some suggestions.

⭐Fine White Sand

The most obvious explanation has to be White Beach’s vast expanse of white sand. The sand here is gleaming white, especially when the sun is shining brightly. It’s so fine that it’s a pleasure to dip your toes in it and leave imprints all around.

The island’s most popular length stretches four kilometers, with some sections so broad that you can play practically any sport on it.


Boracay is like a little version of city life. Even when you travel there, the establishments are all too familiar. All you need to do is visit the DMall. Shopping? Check. Nightlife? Check. Sports? Check. Restaurants? You got it.


Speaking about food trips, one disadvantage of remote beaches is the scarcity of food alternatives. Boracay, on the other hand, is a different story. From seafood to steak, from local cuisine to international, from street food to gourmet, buffet to carinderia-style, you’ll find it all on this little island.


When the sun goes down, some people’s enjoyment is just getting started. Boracay’s lively nightlife is one of its biggest selling features, lacking in many other local island attractions.


As you look down at the turquoise ocean, you can see sailboat shadows gliding over the waves, while the mountains provide a backdrop for low-lying clouds swayed by the wind.


A wide range of activities is available in Boracay for individuals of all ages. Sports are a favorite pastime for the athletic. The spas will appeal to those who aren’t as active. Kids will have a blast here.


You don’t have to worry about checking your email or Facebook account because there is wi-fi in most areas. Also, you may pay your payments, register for a plan, and conduct other tasks. Bringing your job to the beach may be a breeze.


What to Bring on an Aklan Vacation

Planning your next Aklan Getaway might be a daunting task, but here are a few necessities to help you get started.

✔️Sustainable Water Bottles

Considering that plastics on the entire island are not allowed, it’s best to bring your water tumbler while traveling to the island. It’s going to be your best friend on the beach, whether you’re participating in activities or just taking a stroll.


Protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays with a pair of sunglasses, and look trendy at the same time with a couple of sunglasses.


Bright and colorful swimsuits are a must-have while visiting the beach. However, when dining at your favorite restaurant, wearing a cover-up is still acceptable.

✔️Hats or Caps

Your skin, hair, and eyes will be shielded from the sun when you wear a hat when it’s too hot outside. For lazy people, this is an excellent method to cover their untidy hair.


The power bank is another must-have item. Then, invest in a small, portable power bank that you can carry in your pocket or handbag. Your phone won’t die on you when you’re sharing stories or photographing a beautiful sunset.


Flip-flops are the perfect footwear for the beach. Don’t forget to pack your most comfy and reliable pair.

✔️Sun Block

Too much sun exposure is never a good idea, so always pack a sunscreen that works well with your skin. If you’re trying out a new product, make sure to test it on yourself before your vacation, so you don’t have to struggle with allergies or breakouts.

✔️Phone and Camera

A camera is an excellent tool for capturing memories. If you’re the sort of person who only likes to take a selfie and odd photographs, a phone will suffice.

✔️Dry Bag

When you are exploring the island, a dry bag will come in useful. It will keep all of your beach necessities secure, safe, and dry.


Too much sun or too many activities can sometimes leave you feeling ill. It’s difficult to walk down to the drugstore when you’re not feeling well, and it’s much more difficult if it’s pouring. Always keep medications in your bag in case of a fever, upset stomach, or headache.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should you go to Aklan?

A: Aklan is the country’s oldest province, established in the early 13th century. This picturesque wonderland with waterfalls, pure white sand beaches, and a mangrove forest is alive with outdoor experiences.

Q: What is there to see in Aklan?

A: Aside from palay and coconut, other significant crops have helped boost Aklan’s economy. These include high-value products with export potential, such as banana (Lakatan), mango, rambutan, lanzones, and fiber crops.

Q: What is the island of Boracay famous for?

A: Boracay is well-known for being one of the world’s top leisure locations, in addition to its white-sand beaches.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit Boracay?

A: Boracay during the dry season is the best time, which begins in November and lasts until April.

Q: How long is the best time to stay in Boracay?

A: Three nights would be sufficient. Not everyone would agree, but after a day, Boracay becomes undeniable.


Final Thoughts

A rich travel location, Kalibo, Aklan is without a doubt. However, a family or group of friends looking to de-stress and refocus would appreciate the variety of alternatives available. You can get everything here from fresh seafood to river excursions to churches to mangrove reserves.

Are you planning to visit Aklan on your next vacation? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section.





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