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Things To Do In Laguna Philippines: Places To Explore And Enjoy Today

Things To Do In Laguna Phil

Do you want to travel to the Philippines to one of the country’s tourist spots? Are you aware of the things to do in Laguna Philippines? 

The Philippines is a small and underdeveloped country to be considered. However, there are a lot of people who wish to be here. This is because of the attitude of the people in the country. In particular the hospitality and most especially because of different breathtaking scenery.

There are a lot of beaches you can visit here, mountains to hike and falls for you to swim in. In every region of the country, there are a lot of places and great places to visit. Whenever you are having a hard time with your city life, you can always have a different choice of place for you to visit and start your adventure at the same time. 

One of the best places to explore and be within the Philippines, which is not too far away is Laguna. Laguna is the province where buko pie, waterfalls, and hot springs are common and popular in the province. The province of Laguna is one of the provinces in the Philippines that is located in the Calabarzon region in Luzon. The province gives a lot of opportunities to visit different tourists spots in the Philippines. Laguna is known for its majestic mountains and famous lakes. The province is near Metro Manila where you can spend your weekends or holiday break with one of the great travel spots you can find in Laguna.

The City of Laguna as well is known for having a lot of delicacy for their tourists. There you can get “buko-pie”, “Espasol” and many more. Aside from the places you can visit here, the foods they are offering are associated with everybody’s reason to visit the place. A place where you can relax from a busy city life because of its natural landscape, relaxing environments, and some tourist attractions that will never disappoint you. 

There are destinations in the province that offer a perfect location for any occasion, such as team building, retreat, bonding with the family, hanging out with friends, and celebrating anniversaries. Once you set your foot in the province you will be amazed at a lot of things you can do in Laguna. Below are some exciting and must-try activities to do in Laguna.

Must-Try Activities In Laguna Today! 

#1 Feel Refresh In Pagsanjan Falls

There are a lot of photos in the book when we are just in grade school with the picture only of Pagsanjan falls. When some local tourists hear about Laguna the first thing they think is where one of the famous waterfalls in the Philippines is located. Pagsanjan Falls also known as Cavinti Falls is approximately 300ft. Tall. The falls are one of the major tourist attractions in the region. Many of the local tourists visit the place for the weekend adventure. A great spot to release your stress from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are two ways for you to get to the waterfalls, either you have to take the thrilling indigenous dugout canoe ride. Or you can get into the fall by hiking with your friends or other tourists. 

However, before going to the waterfalls make sure to cook and pack your food and water. If you did not bring your food you can buy it in some food stall or restaurant you will pass by on your boat ride. The place also has no available comfort rooms and showers, if ever you want to wash up and change your clothes just do it when you get back to the jump-off point. There are also available activities around the waterfalls. Aside from hiking, you can also do rappelling, swimming, and experience shooting the rapids. Surely you will fall in love with the fresh water and the beauty of Pagsanjan Falls.

#2 Unwind to Bato Springs

Imagine swimming in a place that is surrounded by a lot of green trees and fresh flowing spring water. Giving you relaxing vibes and the feeling like you are in paradise. This is what Bato Springs has something to offer every tourist who wants to unwind and experience the place.  Bato Springs is located in San Pablo Laguna, this place is one of the famous destinations in Laguna. Wherein a lot of tourists visit the place to relax. The place is perfect for all the tourists who want to be close to nature again.

The place is loaded with a lot of tall trees, cold clear waters, and clean pools. A perfect weekend getaway to spend with your family and friends and during summer days. There are varieties of swimming pools surrounded with stone that makes the pools unique from other swimming pools. Inside the Bato spring, there is also a man-made waterfall that makes it the main attraction for tourists. Swim and meditate in the waterfalls while enjoying its clear and cold water. 

#3 Hiking In Mt. Makiling 

Are you the type of person craving an extreme adventure? Well, you can do this kind of thing in Laguna. One of the most popular and best places to go for hiking is Mt. Makiling. This is located between Laguna provinces and Batangas. Mt.Making is an inactive volcano that plays a role in Philippine Folklore. The story is said to be that there once was a mysterious fairy guarding Mt. Makiling. Her job is to protect the mountain and its wildlife. Her name is Maria Makiling, the fairy of the mountain. And this is Mt. Makiling’s story that should hear by many foreign tourists. 

This is a great place for those who love hiking. A safe forest to unwind, enjoy and appreciate nature. The trail difficulty of the trail can be rated 4/9 that makes it perfect for beginner hikers. Around 5-6 hours of hiking before reaching the summit. However, you should not worry about the long hours because there are stop points where you can take a rest.

Upon hiking Mt.Makiling you will be amazed by the place filled with various flora and fauna. You can also see a  Rafflesia, a rare flower which blooms 70 to 110cm, this is the largest flower on earth. If you are a professional hiker and a local hiker you don’t need a guide. However, if you are new to hike it is advised that you hire a tour guide to assist you during your hiking activities. 

#4 Visit The House Philippines National Hero 

Aside from the famous hot springs and waterfalls, some tourists use to visit Laguna. Take also some time to visit the house of Dr. Jose Rizal who is the Philippine National Hero. Rizal Shrine is located in Calamba Laguna, a Spanish-colonial-style house where Dr. Jose Rizal was born and lived in his younger years. 

The place is one of the top destinations in Calamba. In fact, most of the educational tours in Laguna or outside the province visiting Rizal Shrine is their top destination. If you visit the place you will see a lot of antique furniture, letters, and things that were once used by Jose Rizal specifically in his early years. You will also learn about Jose Rizal’s past and his family. However, if you visit the place you need to take care of all the things inside, most of it is fragile to handle. 

Inside the shrine, there is a deep well which is now a “ wishing well” for all the tourists and visitors. Many believe that if you toss a coin into a wishing well, your wish will come true. So whenever local tourists or even foreign tourists visit the Rizal shrine they take the chance to the wishing well to toss a coin. The thing is, even if it’s true or just a belief of some locals, what’s most important is to appreciate and protect the historical house of Jose Rizal.

#5 Enjoy Extreme Rides In Enchanted Kingdom

One of the most popular places in laguna is Sta. Rosa City. The Enchanted Kingdom is the first and only world-class theme park in the Philippines. The place is not only known in the Philippines but recognized in other countries. Visiting this spot is one of the fun things to do in Laguna. The place where you can unleash the kid side of you because of the rides. They offer kid-friendly rides and extreme rides for adults that give all the tourists an enchanting experience. This is a perfect place to bond with family and hang out with friends while enjoying the park and its enchanting moments. 

The Enchanted Kingdom has seven fun zone where every section features its own themed rides, entertainment, and games. There are a lot of rides this park has to offer, so once you visit the place don’t miss the chance to try all those rides. There are water rides, and a roller coaster, for extreme rides tries riding in a Space shuttle, Extreme tower ride, and Viking. In terms of fun, exciting, amusing, and memorable experiences Enchanted kingdom will never disappoint you. 

#6 Relax In The Hidden Valley Springs 

What are the things you can do in Laguna? One of the best things you can do is to relax in one of the beautiful spots in Laguna. This is the Hidden valley spring, the place will give you nothing but relaxation. The place is perfect for the visitors, who want to escape and to release the stress from the hustle and bustle of the city. The place is a tropical rainforest resort that has a warm pool that is truly relaxing.  Inside also has a soda pool, lovers pool, and a hidden valley that are well maintained by the staff of the resort. 

Whenever you don’t have food with you when visiting this place, there are many restaurants you can try to eat at. You can taste here the natural flavor and delicacies of Laguna. A perfect location for some couples and families to spend their weekends and celebrate anniversaries and other events. Expect that you can relax in a peaceful environment because of the less crowded in the resort. So if you plan to visit Laguna during holiday or during the weekend, one of the best things to do is to visit Hidden Valley Springs. Surround yourself with a beautiful environment, an instagrammable place, full of lush trees, peaceful surroundings, and tranquility. It’s a great way to come back to nature. Though it’s kind of a bit expensive, it is worth it. 

#7 WakeBoard In Republic Wakepark 

If you are looking for adventurous and thrilling things in Laguna, Republic wake park 

Is the perfect place that will satisfy your cravings. There are two types of wakeboard lakes you can choose from. For beginners and for professional wakeboarders. This is a good sport for families to have bonded with the kids while having fun. For beginners, you start wakeboards activity at any wakeboard lake. There are some professionals in the area that will teach you the right techniques. 

You can just hire private coaches if you want to focus on the sports. There are also adventurous and advanced rides for the professional wakeboarders that will surely practice their skills. Have fun with the new obstacles while showing off your skills in their new ramps that are now elevated than before. However, due to the pandemic and unfavorable business climate. Recently the management of the Republic Wakepark decided to close the doors to the public permanently, after 9 years of its operation.

#8 Take Your Dining Experience In Lake Pandin 

One of the most instagrammable places in Laguna. Out of the seven lakes in San Pablo Laguna, Lake Pandin is the most visited lake by many tourists. A great way to relax and unwind while riding in the bamboo raft across the lake having your lunch and swimming in the cool and refreshing water. Cool water and instagrammable landscape is the best way to describe the lake Pandin.

The bamboo raft can accommodate up to eight people, this is a way perfect for a group tour with your family and friends. Before you reach Pandin lake, you need to trek for at least 15 minutes, the trail is easy so you don’t need to hire a tour guide. Along the way, going to Lake Pandin there are a lot of coconut trees all over the place that is stunning to not take some pictures. However, because this is the most visited lake, each travel group has a 2 hours time limit to explore and experience the lake. 

#9 Feed The Thousand Koi Fish In Nuvali Park

Another best thing to do in Laguna and a great way to spend your weekend together with your family. Bring your kids to Nuvali Park and let them enjoy the experience to feed the thousand koi fish in a man-made pond. You can also ride a water taxi to fully enjoy and experience the park while watching thousands of colorful koi fish. The fish is a commercialized park near to the malls, cafes, restaurants, and other establishments. 

What a great way to relax! Despite that this is a commercialized park you can still experience the freshness of nature with a lot of trees around the area. After exploring the park you can have a fine dining meal in some of the restaurants beside Nuvali Park. 

Final Thoughts 

Vacation is one of the seasons every individual always looking forward to. Thus, to make it memorable with family or friends, you need to choose the best place or destination to visit. There are many people who want to visit the Philippines. Even locals are looking forward to the other provinces they could visit. One of the best places in Laguna. There are a lot of things you can do here from mild to extreme adventure. If you are an individual who wishes to refresh your mind and be with nature, you can always try to explore their different falls. They have a lot of delicacies as well whenever you are craving something. 

This place is also civilized but there are areas of the place which are underdeveloped. These places are being restricted from many people as these are tourist spots. The people here encourage also other people to be enough responsible when visiting one of their tourist attractions. This is to protect and preserve the place where many people get their livelihood and income at the same time. 

Also, there are many policies that the government also implemented for them to prevent to damage the protected area. The tourist spots in their place will be their asset from the people who want to visit and explore the place as well. Another thing that the government tries to protect is for their people as well to set an example for them. To protect their territory and at the same time their beautiful places. 

Are you planning to set your vacation with the whole family or friends? Do you wish to visit laguna city today? 

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