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Things To Do In Leyte Philippines: Beaches And Tourists Spot To Visit

Things To Do In Leyte

Do you know what are the best places to visit in the Philippines? Are you aware of the things to do in Leyte Philippines? 

There are many places you can visit when summer break and vacation. The Philippines has two seasons the dry season and the wet. These both have advantages and disadvantages as well. The dry season is for the people to enjoy the whole summer.

This season is the best to explore and visit different provinces in the country. One of the best places to visit is from beach resorts to historical places in Leyte.

Leyte is one of the provinces here in the Philippines where you get to explore mountains, hills, sea, and beach resorts. This is a good place to visit, as you will have a lot of reasons for you to stay a little longer. Another fact about this place is you are able to appreciate their crops, delicacies and a lot more. Whenever you are having a close visit to the country, this only means that you are able not only the place. But, you have the opportunity to know the people, culture, tradition, foods and many more. 

One of the assets of every province in the Philippines is its tourist spot. What is the best place for you to visit here in Leyte? Here are the best tourist attractions you can try to explore today and start doing different things here! 

Things You Can Do In Leyte Philippines 

#1 Explore and Enjoy Kalanggaman Island 

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Leyte is this Kalanggaman island. This island is underdeveloped and it’s way to know not only by the locals but as well as to recognize internationally. What to expect is that there is no establishment but only houses. So, you need to prepare your supplies if you want to come here. The best thing about this place is its white sand. It has a long and stretches white sand for you to take photos with your friends. This is perfect for the couple as well to do their photoshoot for their wedding. Whenever you wish to be with nature and beach is one of your options. 

This island is the best! This is not that too crowded unlike with the other beach. The good thing about this it is not fully developed the reason you can enjoy it here. It is much quieter and you can feel even relaxed being in this place. There are a lot of people who choose this place to spend their vacation whenever they are in Leyte. This place could help you relaxed and at the same time appreciate nature even more. 

#2 Cross the San Juanico Bridge 

San Juanico bridge is a big part of the history offered by Leyte, also a big part of the country. It was built in 1964, the time where former President Marcos runs to the presidency. The bridge catches the attention of millions of people. What is the reason behind this? This is the longest bridge in the Philippines and can be found only in Leyte. There are a lot of people who find it amazing. For the people living in Samar and Leyte, this bridge is such a big help. They are able to travel to Leyte in the most convenient ways and vice versa. 

This is very popular with a lot of people because this is the reason both the cities of Samar and Leyte are able to increase their economic status. There are a lot of perks of having this. Aside from the fact that this contributes to Philippine history, this also helps the government. This helps the government to improve transportation and at the same time. There are many people from outside the province who would come to Cebu and they would choose via Samar and Leyte way of their transport. This is for them to experience this San Juanico bridge. 

#3 Visit Mc Arthur Landing Memorial National Park

The Philippines has a lot of history to tell for the new generation. It is well published from a journal, books, and other documentaries. This only shows how the country is rich in shaping and molding the culture and tradition of the people. One of the biggest parts of history is the place of Leyte, this is where Mc Arthur landed when he returned. Mc Arthur is an American general, they returned to the country to help defeat the Japanese. This is where the colonization of the Japanese end with their help as well. 

There is 3 colonization in the Philippines that marked the Filipinos. From the Spaniards, Americans, and the Japanese. Each of them added and contribute to the cultures and traditions of the country. This place in Leyte, the government decided this to preserve in order for the young generation that everything is a fact from the history. This place is now a National park, where a lot of people try to be here when there is a special occasion or just a leisure time. 

On the other hand, there are many people from outside the province who are just curious and wanted to see this. This might be the reason for them to travel to the place. But, if you wish to come to Leyte, your Leyte experience will not be complete if you are not able to come here. 

#4 Enjoy the cool climate in Lake Danao 

There are a lot of lakes that can be found in the country, the Philippines. However, lake Danao has its authenticity for people to stay in love with this place. The great thing about this is it has a guitar shape where attracts every individual who comes here. Most of the time, the scenery serves as the best background for photoshoots on debut, pre-nuptial, and other special occasions. 

Lake Danao is a very special place for those people who wants to swim in the most refreshing way. The climate here is cooler, this is the reason why most of the people try to go here for kayaking. You can rent here a kayak and you will be able to explore every side of the lake. Make sure before doing this you have a life vest with you to be protected in case of emergency. Also, for the people who want to experience the cold climate and also the cold water of the lake, you can also swim here. There are many people who choose this place as one of the tourist spots to visit when they come home to Leyte. Most of the locals who have their wife or husband from other countries, mostly boast about this place, 

#5 Masaba Falls 

If you are an individual who wishes to be with nature s close, this place is perfect for you. Masaba falls is very popular with a lot of locals. They often go here during the summer season. Knowing the fact that summer season, the heat is sometimes unbearable. So, for them to stay fresh and unwind at the same time, they go here! Masaba falls is the best place for you to visit and at the same time a great way to produce heat in your body. 

You need to strive here before you are able to get to see the beautiful scenery. Trekking will be the best way to reach this destination. You need to trek to the rivers so that you can come here. For the people who are wondering what is the difference between trekking and hiking. Just to make it clear, trekking is intended for this place that doesn’t require exerting great efforts and energy at the same time. What you just need to remember here when you decide to go here, you need to make sure you have food if you feel hungry. There is no establishment here but pure nature. When you go here you are exposed to the forest and see the wilderness. You can try to swim here or just enjoy the great view of Masaba falls. 

#6 Sunbathing in Canigao Island 

This is nearby Kalanggaman Island. Whenever you wish to visit the island you can come here as well to explore. The best thing about this place is its white sand, wherein you can enjoy the calmness of the sea. You will enjoy the best view in the morning and as well as when the sunset starts. There are many activities you can try to do here, you can do snorkeling here and as well as scuba diving. 

Whenever you are experiencing problems with various things you can visit here. Whenever you would go here, this is very much affordable. There are cottages where you can put your food and your things as well. The difference between Canigao island and Kalanggaman is that Canigao is full of coconut trees. A lot of people find it more interesting especially if they will have their photoshoot here. You can try to have your prenuptial and as well your birthday shoot. There are a lot of people who choose this place for them to sunbathe. This is perfect as well for that couple who are looking for a beach where they can experience a memorable island experience. 

#7 Experience the great under the sea view of Napantao sanctuary 

There are many people who are amazed at this under the sea view of Napantao. For the people who are looking for an extreme adventure, this place is perfect for you. What you just need to do is to make a fee in the barangay for you to start the adventure. The pay will be the fund of the barangay to preserve and protect the sanctuary. This will help them to monitor the fish sanctuary and at the same time helps you to see the different coral reefs. You will be able to see the different fishes in the sanctuary. Whenever you wish to come here, you will be needing the help of different equipment that will help you. 

You can do snorkeling or scuba diving here with the guide of the people here. The people here are very friendly and at the same time, they always protect this sanctuary for the next generation. Napantao sanctuary helps you to explore the under the sea view and also, you will be able to experience and swim with the different fishes. This will help you to refresh your mind and at the same time appreciate nature more even more! 

#8 Visit Our Lady of Assumption Shrine 

Filipinos are known for being so faithful, and religious. The country is also a Christian country. Whenever lenten season comes, this is one of the most visited places here in Leyte. This is privately owned, where a lot of people try to reach this with 300 steps stair. For the people, this is just a small sacrifice. This is worth it after reaching the top. There is a colorful chapel waiting for you and also a 10-foot statue of Mother Mary. Individuals who are that religious come here to refresh their minds and reconciles. 

If ever you are outside of the province, you would definitely come here to visit the place. Also, this is an important thing to do especially for those individuals who would like to repent especially during April month. 

#9 Try to feed monkeys in Hindang cave 

This is one of the best things to do in the Southern part of Leyte. Whenever you want to visit the province, this hindang cave is a good place. Leyte is known as a place with so much greenery and with great views as well. This is perfect for the people who wish to go on hiking and trek to reach falls in the province. Hindang cave is believed that during the colonization of the Japanese this cave was one of the hidden places. 

Before reaching this cave, you will need to trek in the forest. Of course with the guide of the locals here. For those people who are afraid of the monkeys, you don’t need to worry as locals here know how to handle them. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to feeding monkeys in this cave. They are that friendly and not aloof, what you need to have is a banana for you to feed them. Aside from the trees and wilderness, you can experience them here. It is also a good thing knowing that you are able to feed animals with good food. There are many people who wish to come here as they want to recharge their minds by being close to nature. Feeding monkey is a hard task! You just need to listen to what the guide is saying for your protection and safety as well. 

#10 Swim to soothe your sense in Tongonan Hot Spring 

There are a lot of people who have their problem with their body. They wonder how to feel relaxed their muscle and as well as their senses. Knowing the fact that warm water can help soothe your body and as well as helps you to stay calm. If you feel that your body is relaxed this will help you to become more productive. Another this will help you to see how nature is so powerful to have this. Another thing, is you are able to explore the best of the scenery of Leyte. 

Final Thoughts 

Vacation is one of the best everyone is looking forward especially if you are an individual who is a workaholic. Whenever you are looking for the best place, you need to make sure your plan it well. From the place, you will be visiting and to the activities that you will do as well. There are many places and provinces you can visit in the Philippines. Leyte is rich in natural resources from kinds of seafood, delicacies, and tourists spot as well. 

There are people who wish to visit Leyte, you can stay here in hotel accommodation. You need to prepare the stuff when you visit the place, as it suits everyone. Are you planning to have your vacation in Leyte? This place is perfect for resorts, mountains, hot springs, and many more.

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