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Top 10 Getaway Resorts In Bulacan

In need of a relaxing getaway? Are you near the area of Bulacan? Well, you are in the right place, because you will see some of the best resorts in Bulacan here.

Bulacan is pretty a short distance if you come from Manila, which is the country’s capital. However, you can reach this “Living Land Of The Heroes” (and resorts) within 30 minutes to an hour or two from Manila. From waterparks to overnight staying, we will help you decide which is the right resort for you.

So without further ado, these are some of the best resorts you can find in this location:

Photo credits: Aqua Vista Resort

🏊 Grass Garden Resort

Location: VRWM+JM9, Plaridel, Bulacan
Contact Number: 0447950124 / 09151931489 / 09086616796

Grass Garden Resort is the most visited resort in the area of Plaridel and a gardenscape of romanticism and celebration. This is the Grass Garden Resort, which is a famous venue for weddings and celebrations. With its lush atmosphere and glamorous appeal, you will undoubtedly have a memorable experience in this resort.

You may also have hundreds of photoshoot opportunities featuring its variety of flora and fauna. The fun does not stop yet, because you will be able to swim in its bright blue clean swimming pools. So let your celebration be accompanied by a fancy venue hall, dazzling decorations, and memories in this dream-like paradise.

Aside from having an Instagrammable photo with the trees, the Grass Garden Resort also offers various activities like billiard, basketball, videoke hub, grand pavilion, and grass garden grill. The rates start at PHP200, depending on the age and time you have checked in.

🏊 Hidden Tropics Resort

Location: 1407 P. Manok Road, Barangay San Jose, Patag 3022 Santa Maria, Bulacan.
Contact Number: +639174740600 Note: Inquiries can also be communicated on the resort’s official Facebook page, “Hidden Tropics.”

Despite the name of this resort, it does not hide its beauty and breathtaking scenery. Featuring a large venue that is reminiscent of a fancy mansion that you and your fellow travelers can stay in. Experience the serene juxtaposition of modern luxury and classic nature in this paradise.

It was even featured in a television show to showcase its wonders. Relax in its large pool with your family and friends or simply enjoy the sceneries around. Whatever it may be, this place is undoubtedly a memorable and great getaway for relaxing and recharging with the people you love. Hidden Tropics is like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow because of its mesmerizing nature-style resort. It will surely relax your mind while enjoying the cold blue water.

🏊 Richmond Villa Pool and Events Place

Location: #331 Manalac Subd., Brgy Poblacion Guiguinto Bulacan, Guiguinto, Philippines
Contact Number: +639560466270

Richmond Villa is a resort that is certain to satisfy you during your stay. With its air-conditioned house, hotel-like appearance, and adequate services, you will be unwinding and forgetting all your worries for a while. Enjoy the given modes of entertainment with the company of your loved ones.

Be prepared to have a good time, whether it be karaoke, swimming, or just relaxing inside the house. Richmond Villa offers an elite ambiance because of its Victorian-style villa that will surely calm your body while dipping.

🏊 Villa Mar Private Resort

Location: 176 Luis Tongco Street, Baliuag, Philippines
Contact Number: +639189015319

Villa Mar is a private resort that can fulfill your needs in terms of accommodations and a relaxing vacation. Complete with security services, transport services, venues for celebrations, and many more. This location is perfect for the summer spirit because of its summer themes and fitting decorations.

Complete with a karaoke and billiard pool while you are taking a break from the ever-present swimming. Jacuzzi, large pools, falls, this resort will be sure to bring the summer spirit and enthusiasm to you. Villa Mar resort offers a relaxed and intimate style of staycation where you can enjoy your swimming without any hindrances. They can accommodate up to 50 persons, and they also provide some activities like a billiard game that doubles up the excitement.

🏊 Aqua Vista Private Resort

Location: Camangyanan, Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines
Contact Number: +639353051981

Are you looking for a cool, relaxing spot for swimming? Aqua Vista is the place you are looking for with its roofed swimming pool, featuring beautiful decorations and a tribute to classic Filipino culture in the form of Kubo. You can rent this classic form of housing for around 800 PHP or approximately $40. So relax and unwind in this shady and nostalgic getaway for an affordable price.

🏊 Floating Sanctuary

Location: 1438 Pasong Kasay, San Vicente, Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines
Contact Number: +639235286650

With its breathtaking scenery, unique structure, and a touch of nature, this is truly worthy of being called a sanctuary. The resort has a large pool in the center of various venue halls and villas for staying. Ever imagined lying in a bed in a pool? That can be a reality, thanks to their featured pool beds.

The cabins, or so they look like cabins, will be the perfect comfortable space you will need for an overnight staying. You can even bring along your furry friend thanks to their pet hotel. There are even floating jacuzzi stations in which you can relax from a few feet above the ground. Overall, this place is worthy of visiting for burnt-out people seeking to unwind.

🏊 El Masfino Hotel And Resort

Location: Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines
Contact Number: +639175421867

A large, fancy, sophisticated hotel features a resort for your relaxation needs. The pool is quite large and surrounded by lush sceneries and classic Kubo-inspired villas. Go inside the well-designed hotel to enjoy modern relaxation or go outside to seek the natural sights. This resort-based hotel is sure to give you the holiday you are looking for. An unforgettable venue for celebrations, reunions, or simply just taking a break from your busy world.

🏊 8 Waves Waterpark And Hotel

Location: Ulingao, San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines
Contact Number: 09255892837

Fancy hotel rooms inside with a waterpark and big wave pool outside? Yes, please. This location will make sure you do not run out of things to do. With a big wave-generated pool, water slides, pools of different sizes, occasional live bands, and free internet connection.

They also have excellent available food outside if you thought you did not bring enough. This venue will give you the hotel, concert, and waterpark experience all in one place. You can even make this place the venue for your wedding or different celebrations. This promising paradise will ensure that you will find at least one portion of it enjoyable and memorable.

🏊 Jed’s Island Resort

Location: McArthur Highway, Gatbuca, Calumpit Gatbuca, Bulacan, Philippines
Contact Number: 09253007329

A resort that is straight out of a kid’s imagination of what a waterpark is. Jed’s Island Resort is top-rated for having the most number of character figures scattered anywhere in the resort. It has giant statues of various animals and famous characters, big slides, wave pools, bridges, and falls. This resort is very large as well, with over 100 cottages and 30 different kinds of swimming pools. Children will be able to enjoy endless colorful structures that will surely be memorable for everyone.

🏊 La Florentina Resort

Location: No. 875 Claro Santos St., Brgy. Bonga Menor, Bustos, Bulacan, Philippines
Contact Number: +639171150864

La Florentina is a broad field filled with well-decorated venues, cozy cottages, and a giant pool near the center of it all. Enjoy many activities such as playing football, sliding down into the pool, or simply enjoying the view. The garden in this resort will be a feast for the eyes of nature enjoyers. If you are for a large, open area filled with natural ornaments to lay eyes on, this resort is for you.

These are some of the best resorts that you can visit in Bulacan. Overall, each of them has unique appearances and commodities. However, what they do have in common is setting a scene for enjoyment and appreciation of the company of others. Relaxation and unwinding are essential, and these are the places that will be able to facilitate that.

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