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Top 6 Zambales Beach Resort White Sand

Let the wonders of Zambales take you on a memorable vacation. It is known as the place where the Aetas can be seen in plenty of numbers. Also, it is the place where you can find several spectacular white sand beaches. While majority of the people who are planning to go to the Philippines are considering other more popular beaches, there is this slightly underrated province that is not well known to the tourists and is moderately commercialized. Hence, expect that you will experience a more relaxing and peaceful vacation with your friends and family. In this article, you will find the best zambales beach resort white sand to visit with friends, family, and your loved one. These beach resorts provide you with a peaceful retreat with whomever you are going with.

Top 6 Zambales Beach Resort White Sand

Brief Overview of Zambales Province

Zambales is located on the middle west coast of Luzon facing the South China Sea. The province is known as one of the biggest provinces of Central Luzon, yet the population is small compared to other huge places. This is a surprising fact to most people considering Manila is only a few hour’s drive from Zambales.

The Aetas and the Sambals have been living in the mountain ranges in the province for hundreds of years now. The sambal is an Austronesian pact of individuals who succeded the Aetas. Moreover, the term Zambales is derived from the name Sambals.

Aside from the best zambales beach resort white sand, the province is also known as a diving spot. In fact, it is actually believed to be the wreck diving capital of the country – with most of the spots are located in the Subic area. It is during the time of World War II when more than twenty Japanese ships went down and on the province coast – several of the ships were destructed instantly in the time of postwar so as to offer the Subic bay for shipping.

Aside from those beaches, it is proud of its historical buildings, churches, famous landmarks, and other food products. Every year, around the third week of April, Zambales celebrates the Mango Festival. It is a way to commemorate and give thanks to God for high yield of Mangoes.

Best Zambales Beach Resort White Sand

Zambales is very close to the western coast of the country. Thus, it possesses some of the jaw-dropping beaches in the Philippines. The zambales beach resorts white sand are suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and other extreme activities. In addition to that, several of these beaches serve as a site for the island hopping. Nevertheless, some islands are forbidden to visit, especially the privately-owned ones.

Listed below are the best white sand beach resorts in Zambales that will take your breath away. Another great thing about these resorts is that they are only 3-4 hours away from Manila.

1.Sundowners Vacation Villa

Are you looking for a Santorini vibe beach resort? If yes, the Sundowners Vacation Villa is the one for you. A few years ago, this beach resort can be found only in Bolinao, Pangasinan. But it gained positive reviews from its guests, stating that staying at the villa made their stay more memorable as it promotes chill and relaxing vibe.

Top 6 Zambales Beach Resort White Sand

Since the majority of the guests loved the place, the owner decided to start and set-up a two-hectare beach resort in Zambales. With this beachfront resort, you can visit anytime you want and still feel the summer vibe. With that, we would say that the term “Sundowners” lived up to its name. It has currently six villas, each can accommodate a different number of guests. It comes with 1 bedroom to 6 bedroom units.

Once you book accommodation, you already have access to the common pool, recreation areas, the beachfront, and of course your own pool at your villa. Knowing that you have your own pool at the villa makes your trip a memorable one.

Aside from all that, if you are on a tight budget or you just feel like cooking, you are allowed to cook and bring your own foods. If you are going with a loved one and one to make it more special. we recommend to cook his/her favorite dish and opt for a wine set up.

Location and Contact Details

The Sundowners Villa is specifically located at Purok 5 Brgy. Danacbunga, Botolan, Zambales. You can inquire or reserve a villa at 0917-5018224 / 0917-1333007 / 0939-9073689. As far as we know, if they did not change the rate, overnight rates start from 9,000 pesos. Normally, this is one villa that can already accommodate 6 persons. For more information, go to

2.Lighthouse Marina Resort

It is impossible to not see this resort from afar because of the famous 20-meter light tower. The travelers have been using this tower as a landmark ever since the beach resort was launched.

If you are looking for a beach resort in Zambales where there are plenty of things to do, this 3 level hotel will never run out of ways to entertain its guests. There are restaurants, shops, entertainment rooms, to name a few. On the off chance you are going with kids, they will surely have fun in the pool and the beach.

The beach is only a few minutes walk from the hotel. The sand offers a romantic sparkling tarnished silver appearance when the sun is out and a radiant white glow under the steamy moonlight. Have a romantic time with your partner while witnessing the sunset on the wide stretch of the sea.

On top of that, the beach resort is not only suitable for a vacation with friends. You can also bring your co-workers for a team building, reunion, office events, and other corporate-related events. In addition to that, you might also want to celebrate your wedding and honeymoon in the Lighthouse Marina Resort. The management is very much capable of providing you a one of a kind vacation/occasion.

Location and Contact Details

The Lighthouse Marina Resort is specifically located at Block 4 Lot 1, Waterfront Road, Moonbay Marina Complex Central Business District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, PH 2222. For inquiries and reservation, you can contact them at (047) 252-5000 / (02) 8711-0019 ; 0917 512 3364 / 0918 945 5697. For more details, visit

3.Crystal Beach Resort

This zambales beach resort white sand will let you stay in a “home away from home”. Staying in their rooms feels like you are just at the comfort of your own home that is far away from all worries and problems. Also, peaceful nature contributes to that vibe, and once you get there, it feels like the place has been waiting for your return for a long time.

Top 6 Zambales Beach Resort White Sand

If you are coming from Manila, expect a 4-5 hours drive to the beach resort. It comes with various types of rooms, depending on the number of guests and facilities. There are air-conditioned rooms, camping tents, food establishments, shops, and a lot more.

With the large area of the beach resort, you will never run out of things to do with your friends and loved ones. Whether you want to watch the magical sunset together, go surfing, fun conversation while having a bonfire, or you just want to read a book by the sea. If you are lucky, there are weekend nights when you can watch cultural performances and acoustic bands perform for you. You will be able to do almost anything you like on this beach resort.

Location and Contact Details

Crystal Beach Resort is located in Barangay La Paz San Narcisco Town, Zambales, near the waters of the West Philippine Sea. Their reservation office hours is from Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For inquiries and reservations, you can contact them at Metro Manila: (02) 8 404-2342 / (02) 8 404-2456 / (02) 8 404-2502. For more details, visit

4.Haven Beach Resort

Next on the list of the zambales beach resort white sand is the Haven Beach Resort. This beach resort is perfect for those travelers who prefer a more provincial weekend trip. Normally, elders prefer this vibe and also those working people who are tired of living in the city with tall buildings and crowded places. If you belong in either of the categories, a weekend trip at Haven Beach Resort is exactly what you are looking for.

This place is just relaxing and in its own unique and simple way. To boost enhance the provincial vibe, the are plenty of kubos near the beach. You may choose to book your accommodation in one of the kubos and watch the sun goes down or do star gazing. While luxurious hotel rooms will give you a real hotel experience, sometimes it is also best to drift away from the traditional ways of having a beach resort vacation.

Aside from that, they offer kubos in different sizes depending on the number of guests. If you are going with your partner, you can book a kubo that accommodates to persons. They also have kubos for bigger groups. Some even come with verandas. On top of that, you can bring your own food and drinks! No corkage fee.

Location and Contact Details

The Haven Beach Resort is Situated in Km 188 Binuclutan, Botolan, Zambales. For inquiries or reservations, contact them at 0919-6428611 / (02) 782-7672. If you are on a budget, this beach resort is perfect for you as the rates for 2 pax starts at 1500 pesos per night (Campanilla kubo). For more details about the resort, visit

5.  Hermana Menor Island

You cannot really say that Hermana Menor Island is a white sand beach resort. However, if you are going to Zambales we highly recommend seeing this place. The truth is that very few people know about this hidden gem. It is a privately owned island and it comes it two pairs. One pair is accessible to the public while the other is strictly forbidden to access by the tourist. Coming from Sta. Cruz, it normally takes approximately thirty minutes to go there.

Top 6 Zambales Beach Resort White Sand

Once you see the place, you will definitely amazed by the wonders of this hidden gem. The fine white sand and the clear water that is perfect for swimming. Another great thing about this island is that it only requires an entrance fee of 100 pesos. Believe when I say that the place is worth more than a hundred.

On the other hand, the place is not suitable for an overnight stay as there are no rooms, kubos, or electricity. It really is just for a day tour. But if you want to stay there for several hours, you can bring your own food and a fully charged phone for photo op.


Hermana Menor Island is situated in Santa Cruz, Zambales. There is no website for this island as it is not intended for commercial use. But if you want to see some of the photos, you can look it up on Facebook.

6.Camayan Beach Resort Hotel

If you are looking for a place to stay with your family, friend, co-workers, Camayan Beach Resort Hotel is your ultimate getaway in Subic Bay. Situated on the peaceful outer bay where abundant rainforest meet white sand beach.

This beach resort is perfect for individuals who find relaxation and peace in nature. Temporarily escape the stressful city life and have a weekend blast at Camayan. The rooms and suite allow you to experience nature. Also, you can spoil yourself with the soothing massage. Apart from that, there are various watersports such as snorkeling, diving, and other activities like horseback riding. If you prefer to just chill, you can hangout in their cabanas.

On the off chance you are going with kids, good news for you, Ocean Adventure is just right next door.

Location and Contact Details

Camayan Beach Resort is located at Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay, Philippines, 2222. For reservation, you can call them at (+63) 908 887 0369 available 24 hrs.; (+63) 917 726 3548 available 8 AM to 6 PM or you can email them at For more information, go to

Other Reasons Why you Must Visit Zambales

Top 6 Zambales Beach Resort White Sand

Aside from the above mentioned zambales beach resort white sand, the province has plenty of other things to offer. If you and your friends are looking for the perfect site to go camping, Zambales provides several camping opportunities. When you go camping, make sure that you dispose your garbage properly. You might end up staying in a place where there is not enough garbage cans, so just bring your own garbage bag especially if you are going in groups.

Aside from that, Zambales is also suitable for people who are not only looking for a perfect beach to swim but to surf also. Zambales is the perfect surfing destination for people coming from Manila. Also, if you are eager to go wreck diving and it is not feasible to go to Coron, Zambales is the place.

Best Time to Visit Zambales

The famous establishment, landmarks, diving/swimming spots are accessible all year round. But if you are going to have a beach trip, it is best to schedule your trip in the month of November to May. On the other hand, as for surfing, it is during the months of May to October where the waves are perfect for surfing.

You Should Be Careful of the Following

  • Insects like mosquitos, ants, and bugs! You can find them almost everywhere. To make sure they will never get in the way of your vacation, bring insect repellant products. This is important especially if you are planning to have a beach trip. You can go camping since it is what the place is most famous for, but make sure your location is clean, spacious, and peaceful enough to enjoy your stay.
  • Harmful UV rays of the sun! Of course, you probably already know this especially if you are going to the beach. Never, ever forget to bring sunscreen with you and reapply after several hours of sun and water exposure.
  • Dehydration. Surfers are the ones who are most likely to dehydrate. Thus, bring plenty of water, and take a break every now and then to rehydrate. Aside from water ion-based drinks are great to prevent dehydration.
  • Do not trust anyone and always check your belongings. Let us face the fact that even a person we consider our friend is capable of stealing stuff from us. When going to trips, always take care of your belonging. As much as possible do not stay away too much from your group.

Final Words

The province of Zambales is known for its spectacular beach resort white sand. Despite the several amazing beaches in the Philippines, tourists still prefer to explore this hidden gem because of the clear blue water and powdery sand. There are plenty of beach resorts in Zambales and it can be really hard to choose where to stay. Upon careful evaluation, we found out that the best beach resorts to stay in Zambales are Sundowners Vacation Villa, Lighthouse Manila Resorts, Crystal Beach Resort, Camayan Beach Resort, Haven Beach Resort, and Hermana Manor Island. All of these resorts will provide you a one of a kind and memorable beach experience. Also, each of them caters to different types of guests. Choose one that will best suit your preference and vacation goal.

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