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A waterpark is one of the most favorable vacation types that entertain visitors with pools and play areas. You can do activities in a waterpark: water slides, inflatables, waterways, ziplines, sports, and many more. Waterparks are built as a safe way to enjoy the water with the kids compared to the sea, rivers, and pools. It is like a combination of playground and water in a safe environment. Because of its perfect summer temperature, the Philippines is one of the countries with numerous visitors every year. Tourists go for the food, history, learnings, and adventure. The Philippines offer a wide range of summer getaway ideas like beaches and waterparks.

The Philippines is known for having rich in water resources like rivers, lakes, and aquatic life. That is why Filipinos made a way to enjoy their vacation while relaxing with nature. There are many waterparks anywhere in the Philippines, and in this blog, you will know some of the most visited waterparks in the country. But before that, you must know the do’s and don’ts when going to a waterpark.

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🏊🏽 Choose Wisely

Choose a waterpark based on the location, time, and ratings. There are many available waterparks anywhere in the world, but you need to choose wisely. Check their websites to know what they offer and expect any services that they can give.

🏊🏽 Check the Rates

Waterparks vary from entrance fees. They have different rates depending on your age or height. There are also waterparks that charge depending on the number of your group, and there are sometimes parking charges also. It would be best to prepare for extra hidden charges like a glass of water, spare towel, pillow, and floaters.

🏊🏽 Read Their Policies

Every waterpark has its protocols. These regulations are posted so you can be aware of what are the dos and don’ts. You need to note some rules like bringing food from the outside of the resort, diving in the pool area, and swimming attires. If you do not want to be kicked out of the resort, study and follow their rules and regulations.

🏊🏽 Maintain Cleanliness

The management of the waterpark always maintains the cleanliness of each amenity. But, it is advisable to bring your waist with you, especially if you are going to a beach waterpark. Trashes can pollute the marine and forest life that can lead to the closure of the waterpark. So, it is best to maintain cleanliness as you go to save the environment while you enjoy it.

🏊🏽 Wear Proper Attire

When talking about a summer getaway, the first thing that goes into your mind is what to wear. It is normal to wear swimsuits but going to a waterpark is different. Some waterparks allow you only if you wear rash guards and leggings. The most important garment here is that avoid wearing clothes with zippers or anything that can prick the inflatables.

🏊🏽 Watch Your Kids

Waterparks are for the kids and kid-at-heart. But it would be best if you still watched for your kids to avoid unpredicted accidents. There are cases of drownings even in a 3-foot pool, so better if you go wherever the kids are. Some areas are child-friendly, where they can play and rest. Lifeguards are provided, but it is believed that watching your kids are still your responsibility.

🏊🏽 Research

You can find many waterparks online. Before going to your chosen destination, it is best to surf their website online. This will help you know if they are accepting walk-ins or they only allow reservations. Remember also the season of the year. This way, you will expect if there are many tourists, especially during summer. Surfing their websites can help you know if they will be closed for specific reasons, for example, because of the pandemic.


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The Inflatable Island Waterpark in Subic claims to be the largest inflatable waterpark in Asia. But it’s not all fun and recreations since it’s stacked with fun challenges and deterrents as well, given its main highlight, which is the playground-like waterpark that has a twist. So do anticipate different stages and obstacles like trampolines and swings.

They also have slides with varying levels of height and monkey bars. Other games have bridges and ladders that add to the excitement. Lastly, Inflatable Island has the biggest float, which is the Unicorn! You can take your picture-perfect poses on their Instagrammable areas full of colorful backgrounds and designs to spice up the enthusiasm more.


Amana Waterpark is proud to have the largest wave pool in the country. They call it as the “Tornado” pool that a really must-try to every visitor. It assures customers that they will have their highest satisfaction and fun. The Amana Waterpark is famous for having the best amenities and a high-class type of service. They provide comfort to the visitors to make them feel at home and ensures convenience for a sensible price.

Amana Waterpark offers you their more than 3000 square meter wave pool and more than ten types of waves if you are looking for a summer itinerary. They also have over 100 different attractive characters that you can see anywhere in the resort. These life-size characters attract not only the kids but also the kids-at-heart. If you want an exciting swimming adventure, you can take a risk by trying their 4D Max rider and their zip line that is 300 meters far from the resort. Lastly, Amana Waterpark offers family recreations like picnics surrounded by trees, souvenir shops, and cozy lounges where you can rest and relax.


Aqua Planet is located in Pampanga that offers twelve attractions of slides and waves, including Aqua Loop, Boogie Bay, Flow Rider, Hurricane Slide, Sky Shuttle, Kiddie Zones, and many more. Aside from the pools and backdrops, Aqua Planet has its own legendary story with really cute and interesting characters. They have Captain Aqua, the peacekeeper, the most beautiful creature Mermaid Princess, Orc, King Penguin, and the Bubblies that are so cute and jiggly.

They have their role in protecting the Aqua Planet. The Aqua Planet waterpark opened last 2018, and it already bagged the world record for having the largest scale of swimming lessons in 24 hours. Aqua Planet aims to save lives because it has been recorded that one cause of accidental death in the world is drowning. So the management thought to teach the kids how to swim to avoid injuries and the risk of drowning.

Aqua Planet waterpark also has food outlets where you can buy your snacks if you felt your hunger. They also offer entertainment with Aqua Music Mania that features different artists. And lastly, you can stay at their lounges that assure a home-like staycation.


As its name suggests, Splash Island aims to throw splashes to every visitor. They have various ways to enjoy these splashes. Splash Island is widely known for its slides that have different difficulty levels depending on your heart rate. They have the Magellan’s drop, Rio Montanosa, King Pilipit, Tausug trails, Twin Coco Knots, and many more.

These slides vary if you want to ride it solo or as a group. Splash Island’s pools are also part of the attraction. Their pools are Agos Grandes, Balsa River, and Water Wahoo for the kids. Aside from the slides and pools, they also have great games for team building. You can try the Splash Out where you bounce with balls, Zipline, Wall Climb, Mini Golf, Kayaking, and Paintball fight. They also have different kinds of rentals where you can stay that offer a small to a large number of guests.


If you want to have relaxation while you swim in nature, Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel will give you the best staycation. It offers peaceful and quiet outdoor activities surrounded by rainforests and sandy beaches. It also has protected marine life and reefs that add to the natural feel.

Camayan Beach is great for family trips, team buildings, and romantic outings with your loved ones. The beach aims to attract nature lovers who like to unwind and temporarily forget the busy city life. Camayan Beach assures the tourists that they can relax and still have fun at the same time.

There are many things to do like going to the sandy beach and other fun activities. You can do scuba, trekking, sports, and dining to complete your staycation adventure. Aside from the beach and bay, you can relax by trying their spa and massage services that will put you in deep relaxation. Lastly, Camayan Beach has a sea lion show that is great for the kids to learn about animals.


8 Waves Waterpark and Resort is a place that offers an excellent area for family and friends bonding. It gives fun and excitement to every visitor. This waterpark is one of the most affordable waterparks but has high levels of adventure and enjoyment. Its goal is to have the whole community enjoy waterparks that are budget-friendly but still full of surprises.

8 Waves Waterpark is located in Bulacan that is one of the most favorite resorts in the province. It is excellent for intimate events and for someone who wants a quick outdoor summer vacation. Their service is incredibly the humblest, and they serve you 5-star accommodations. Aside from these, 8 Waves is also famous for its own food court, which serves various totally delicious dishes.


Oceania Swim and Splash Park is an attraction of Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park. It is famous for having the best family recreational waterpark in Manila. Oceania Waterpark has a 3,000 square meter pool that is two-layered and has different levels of depths depending on your ability to swim. The waterpark has also put up inflatables for any age that will surely be enjoyable.

In addition, it has water fountains that splashes while you swim and safe pools for minors. Aside from fountains, Oceania also has big buckets full of water that dumps over the visitors. These buckets add to the splash excitements in the waterpark. If you want to rest after hours of playing, you can rent cottages that are well-shaded and cool.

Aside from swimming and being splashed with buckets of water, Oceania also offers some activities that you can do with your friends. The other available sports and recreation facilities are target shooting, kart riding, tennis, and many more.


Aquaria Waterpark is a water adventure perfect for friends, families, and anyone who likes waterparks. The Aquaria Waterpark offers a satisfying vacation and quick leisure for beach lovers. You are welcomed with their warm and humble reception area, and they will guide you to your respective rooms.

Aquaria also has private bathhouses where you can enjoy a meditating shower before driving to the resort pool. Aquaria Waterpark proudly presents its 525-meter area surrounded by beaches and coves where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. Another is their water park that gives fun to both kids and adults. Lastly, their main highlight is the pool slide that is three stories where you can still see the beach while in the pool area.


Waterparks are indeed enjoyable and refreshing. Especially if you go on a trip with your friends and family, it is one of the listed itineraries every summer or whenever there is a special occasion. The waterpark is created for the purpose of having a playground in the water. This is great for team building and memorable bonding. Different waterparks specialize in slides, pools, or other characters and designs that set the identity of the waterpark.

Every waterpark has its main highlight that adds to the attraction of every visitor. This proves the creativity of the imagination of the management and staff to let their visitors enjoy their stay. One thing is for sure; if you want to play and swim at the same time, the waterpark is for you!

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