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Top Beach Resorts And Sandbars In Romblon

Romblon is known for the Marble Capital of the Philippines and its well-preserved beaches. Most of the beaches in Romblon have cream to white sandy bays and ports that were built during the Spanish era. Unlike other beaches in the country, Romblon is one of the most peaceful islands that is also not filled with too many tourists. Romblon is located in the center part of the Philippines; that is why it is also famous for island hopping because it is surrounded by adjacent islands.

Getting to Romblon province is a part of the adventure. It would be best to plan the direction properly to your chosen beach because the destination is tricky. One way to go to Romblon is by a ferry. Depending on where you are coming from, a ferry is a must.

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Top Beach Resorts and Sanbars In Romblon

Bonbon Beach and Sandbar

Bonbon Beach and Sandbar are famous for their offshore bar and crystal clear water with linear of palm trees. It is a picture-perfect beach because of its clean surroundings and cold breeze. You can also bring your drone to have an epic video capture in the middle of the sandbar. This sandbar is an attachment to another island called Bang-og Island. One unique thing that Bonbon Beach has is that the owner is the one who monitors and patrols the beach to ensure the cleanliness and peace in every corner. If you are going there because of the sandbar, take note of the season for the changes of tides to make sure you’ll see and enjoy the Bonbon Beach and Sandbar.

Tiamban Beach

If you want a beachscape and staycation, Tiamban Beach will offer you a tranquil experience. It has white sand and clear water with a very affordable entrance fee. The beach also has camping sites to see the relaxing sunset and sunrise. It is also advisable to bring food because there are limited stores and snack bars here to minimize the chance of polluting the sea. There are also some accommodations for you to rest after indulging in the cold sea.

Tinagong Dagat

Tinagong Dagat means hidden sea. It is a small body of water that is surrounded by rock formations. You will not notice this bed of water if you do not climb with the cliffs. It is known as a salt lake that looks like a circular pool. Actually, it is a twin lake, but the smallest one is hidden with trees that are believed there is a forest guardian or spirit there. It is a pure lake so expect that there are no available amenities there like comfort rooms and snack bars.

Marble Beach

Marble Beach in Romblon is inspired for being the Marble Capital of the Philippines with the cleanest water resources. It is an excellent place for diving and snorkeling, where professional divers teach you first before leading you to the massive coral reefs. Marble Beach is also home to many turtles and sea horses and also has white sand!

Talipasak Beach

Talipasak Beach is famous for having a marble-colored sand or creamy-like color for reference. The beach got this famous color sand because of the crushed corals and shells years ago that have been mixed with the beach sand. Talipasak Beach is also called as San Pedro Beach Resort that is the pot of gold under the rainbow of Romblon. They also offer cottages and hammocks while sipping your coffee and feeling the cold breeze. You can get here from the main town and a 15-minute ride via motorbike. The water is calm, and it is ideal for swimming, especially if you have kids. Talipasak Beach also has rock formations perfect for your beach photos. This beach is near the Bonbon beach, and you can hop to the neighboring beaches so if you have a lot of time and budget.

Cresta de Gallo

Cresta de Gallo is considered as a white sand paradise in the remote area of Romblon. It also has two heavenly sandbars. Getting to Cresta de Gallo is also part of the adventure because it will take your time before meeting the ocean. They also have a boat tour, but it will start at the port of Azagra, going to the beach. Cresta de Gallo has pristine blue water where you can begin swimming while your boat is still in the water. The sandbar is really wide compared to the pictures online that it’s why you will spend your day for just walking in the middle of the ocean. The end of the sandbar is at the middle tip of the sea; that is such an incredible experience!

Cobrador Beach

Cobrador Island offers different activities such as snorkeling, cliff jumping, hiking, camping, and swimming. It is a remote island that is sometimes called as Naguso Beach that has a transparent blue cold water. With its super clear water, you will like floating in the air! You can also hop to Ilaya cave that is really near to the island. It is advisable to visit Cobrador in the middle of January, specifically on the second Friday, to see the colorful Biniray Ati-Atihan festival.

Other Must-Visit Destinations In Romblon

Aside from beaches and sandbars, there are also some tourist destinations hidden in Romblon. You have unlimited options that are indeed worthy of visiting, like the ones listed below.

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Fort San Andres

Fort San Andres is a unique destination in Romblon. It is a historical place that was built during the Spanish era. This place was formed to protect the island from the pirates in the late 16th century. Though it is not considered as a beach resort, it is a must-visit when you get to Romblon. This is to promote the heritage sites of Romblon as this was the defense way of Romblon in the past century. There is no entrance fee in Fort San Andres, so it is great to go here first before meeting the ocean.

Lahung Rock Formation

This is the best part of Romblon. You can view the sunset and the most epic lighthouse and home for sea turtles. Lahung Rock Formation is famous for having a rock arch that facilitates the sunset having the best pictures in the overall Romblon vacation.

Libtang Falls

Libtang Falls is a hidden waterfall on the island of Romblon. It has cold water, and you will not be lost as you follow the sound of the water stream. It will only take 15 minutes to go to Libtang Falls, and it is not difficult to climb because it has a slight slope that will not use all of your energy.

Romblon Caves

Island hopping is one of the highest demands when traveling to Romblon. But visiting different caves is another type of escapade. Romblon has many caves like the Alad cave. This cave is 20 minutes away from the Romblon island, where you can snorkel to found some pretty coral reefs.

Cliff Jumping

Romblon has many rock formations, like the Lahung. But aside from this, you can also jump from their Marakay Marakay cliff. It has a specific diving area where diving boards are provided for effortless jumping. Just be sure that you know how to jump correctly because you may cut your body with sharp live rocks.

Kipot River

Kipot River is one of the most visited places in Romblon. It is a privately owned land, but you can visit it as long as you maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings. The color of the water is a bit unique because it is emerald in color, unlike the deep blue ones. There are available trails to make sure that you don’t slip because of excitement. This Kipot River is also connected to some beach resorts, so you can just hop and enjoy your swim.

Final Words

As mentioned earlier, Romblon is rich in beaches and sandbars. The environment is really well-preserved as it is the Marble Capital of the Philippines. Therefore, it would be best if you leave only your footprints to be part of its cleanliness program. The people of Romblon will treat you like you are home, so better if you do not leave any damages to the province.

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