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Top Schools Of Culinary Arts In The Philippines

Are you planning to put up your own restaurant? Or do you just want to improve your cooking skills? Being one of the countries with more than hundreds of combined different ethnolinguistic dishes and cuisine, the Philippines is offering you some innovative techniques with its top schools of culinary arts.

As a result, Culinary in the Philippines has high demand not only locally but also internationally. That is why most culinary schools offer a wide range of courses where you will learn world cuisines that is an advantage if you are planning to work abroad. Learning international cuisines is also an advantage if you dream of putting up a restaurant targetting tourists from different countries.

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However, before choosing your school, you must know what you need to prepare.

Things To Prepare In Culinary School

Most of the students who want to pursue their kitchen dreams already have an idea of what to expect in a culinary school. Nevertheless, if you just want to try your skills, here are some things you must prepare before enrolling yourself.

👩‍🍳 Be Clean

One of the most essential aspects of culinary is to know how to clean. It would be best if you start doing the dishes in your home. This will help you avoid food contamination from wastes in the sink. It is also important to know how disciplined you are in preparing your food.

👩‍🍳 Know Some of the Kitchen Terms

You are going to a culinary school to learn, but it is better if you start familiarizing yourself with some kitchen terms. For example, start listing the different types of knives, the name of the basic ingredients, know the name of the food, and the origin of the dish.

👩‍🍳 Time Management

Managing the time is essential in the kitchen. There is always a specific time on every boil and fry. You do not want to burn your dish, so it is better if you practice time management. You must be flexible and versatile because you will be doing a lot of things once you step into the kitchen. Know which to cut first, and learn what should be boiled first in the pot. Time management is an excellent advantage if you are planning to go to culinary school.

👩‍🍳 Prepare Your Uniform

The kitchen uniform is not worn just for aesthetics. A chef’s uniform is worn as an honor to his skills and to show his cleanliness while doing his job. Different colors are also observed to know the rank and file in the kitchen. This way, you will know who will be your supervisor, and this is also a motivation to increase your skill level to have a uniform upgrade.

👩‍🍳 Ready Your Notes

Once enrolled in a culinary school, do not get too excited to hold a knife. Culinary schools offer a lot of lectures and discussions before letting you step into the kitchen. There may be a visual presentation for the actual appearance of each material, but there are also a lot of lessons you need to write and memorize by heart. That is why familiarizing with kitchen terms is an advantage, as mentioned a while ago.

Top Schools For Culinary Arts

Are you now ready to show your skills? Did you prepare for the lists above? If yes, you are now ready to choose your culinary school! Take this list as a reference to know what best suits your preferences.

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👨‍🍳 Center for Culinary Arts

It is a famous culinary school in the Philippines that offers diplomas and short courses for the students who love to cook. They fulfill the dreams of the aspiring culinary entrepreneurs by providing the highest possible culinary education, management, and leadership. The Center for Culinary Arts is known to be the pioneer of all the culinary schools in the country that have served for more than twenty years. They are proud to be the first Culinary school in Asia that has accreditation with the American Culinary Federation Foundation. They really have a world-class type of instructors to the point that they let their students compete in different countries after their training!

👨‍🍳 Heny Sison Culinary School

Heny Sison Culinary School is headed by Chef Sison, who has a passion for baking. This culinary school offers convenient types of classes, especially for those who want to study but are unable to travel. Their online classes have the Hybrid and Live classes. A hybrid class is where the chef instructor pre-recorded the lesson and will have live questions and answers afterward. At the same time, the Live class is done in real-time through online video conferences.

Aside from online classes, HSCS also provides a Lifestyle class that has a workshop style that can be done in just one day. This type of class has selected lessons that are meticulously chosen by the chef instructor that consists of live demo and introductions to worldwide cuisines.

The last type of class they offer is the certificate-based class called Essential class. This type of class has more in-depth lessons that will indeed sharpen your cooking skills. However, the most remarkable part that HSCS offers is the customized private session. So if you want to learn to cook with your friends and family, you can have a private event with HSCS.

👨‍🍳 Philippine School of Culinary Arts

If you are looking for a continuous education in culinary arts, the Philippine School of Culinary Arts is for you. PSCA is located in Cebu, which offers a ladderized education system that helps their students continue their 5-month class to a diploma-based degree in culinary arts.

Most of their sessions are American and French-inspired cuisines and desserts, but they also have Asian types of culinary techniques. Because of having broad sessions, people from the north take their time to travel and enroll in PSCA for a broader knowledge in cooking. This culinary school also offers baking programs that will run for more than 400 hours. The tuition fees are a bit pricey, but it will include everything you need in class, like the ingredients, knife and cutlery set, book manuals, uniforms, and many more.

As Cebu is one of the most visited tourist destinations, you can also have short courses and recreational sessions if you want to study in a group or want to have a private one-on-one lesson while having a Cebu vacation.

👨‍🍳 The Academy for International Culinary Arts

The Academy for International Culinary Arts is offering more than ten courses and scholarships for aspiring chefs worldwide. As its name suggests, it primarily offers international-based cuisines incorporated with the own country’s cuisine. Aside from kitchen management, AICA also includes hospitality training creating a wholesome type of culinary education.

If you have a preferred lesson in culinary, AICA provides selective programs where you can study specific workshops like bartending, specialty baking, food styling, and catering. To honor the aspiring chefs with great dedication, AICA provides different types of scholarships that help students to reach their dream. They have the High Achiever Scholarship Program, Student Leader Scholarship, and Alumni Referral Scholarship. In this way, AICA can help its students minimize their expenses while learning greater than expected.

To facilitate students anywhere in the country, AICA has built two campuses located in Manila and Cebu, so there is no reason for you to hold back your dreams.

👨‍🍳 LPU Culinary Institute

Lyceum of the Philippines university offers a culinary course that is under the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management in the name of Culinary and Kitchen Operations. This degree provides internships for food preparation and table setting. If you are pursuing to have your own restaurant, this degree will be an advantage for you!

There are also lessons where you will have a chance to focus on cruise field culinary arts, hotels, and other worldwide tourism operations. It has a broad spectrum of options where you can choose depending on your area of interest. LPU generally enhances their students’ way of leadership, unity, nationalism, perseverance, and skills. They have advance research that provides the highest possible education service to aspiring professionals.

👨‍🍳 International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management

ISCAHM started helping the dreams of the aspiring chefs in 2003. They provide an excellent guide to mold the skills of their students by letting them learn in their modern facilities. Because of the high demands, ISCAHM now has three satellite campuses located at Quezon, Pampanga, and Cebu.

They have different levels of courses, like the Professional Culinary Arts course, where you will have a chance to get an Australian culinary certificate. ISCAHM also offers pastry and bakery arts and a specific short course for bread baking. A particular program that ISCAHM offers is the K-12 or the senior high program, where they promote early skill development for the aspiring chefs and restaurant owners.

One of the ISCAHM’s goals is to train kids as early as they can. That is why they also have a Junior Chef’s League for your child who is curious about the operation in the kitchen.

👨‍🍳 Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy

This school for culinary arts can provide cooking lessons at a very affordable rate. In addition, it offers four technical courses that are inspired by international cuisines and the world-class culinary industry. Furthermore, Manila Culinary school has a long-term lesson with on-the-job training to practice the students in an actual kitchen set-up. This school believes that cooking and baking are not learned overnight.

That is why they provide intensive hands-on lessons before handling the knife. Chef instructors will teach you from the classic dishes up to different international cuisines. Aside from these offers, Manila Culinary school provides hospitality training to ensure an excellent overall kitchen management.

👨‍🍳 Baguio City School of Arts and Trades

Baguio City School of Arts and Trades offers different technical culinary courses that are very affordable, and you can choose from 12 programs. They also release certificates that you can use in your employment here and abroad. Some of their courses are bartending and bread and pastry production that are advantages for individual skills. Aside from these, they also have lessons about the agriculture. This is to widen the knowledge of the students, especially to know the natural resources of the country.

👨‍🍳 Dumaguete Academy for Culinary Arts

Dumaguete Academy is proud to present its three main courses; International Culinary Arts, Professional Culinary Arts, and Advanced Cookery. They support their students from the training until their employment. Dumaguete Academy ensures students that they will receive a first-class education by providing them internationally trained chef instructors. To guarantee the students the best education, Dumaguete Academy conducts interviews and consultation so that they can recommend what is best for you.

👨‍🍳 Center for Asian Culinary Studies

CACS aims to create world-class chefs by indulging their students in high type of facilities. They provide innovative techniques and creative food designing by the management itself. Aside from the full-time course, CACS offers short courses, continuing education programs, specialized group programs, and lifestyle programs.

They have also partnered with restaurants, mainly the Cafe Ysable Restaurant, where they can train their students in hospitality management. The president of CACS named Chef Gene is also a hands-on chef instructor that will share his world experience and learnings with his students. Having a chance to learn with the school’s president allows his students to be the next Best of the Best Culinary Awardee, as he was once a panel at the said prestigious event.

Final Words

Culinary is an art that needs a lot of passion and imagination. It includes a high level of creativity in presenting your best dish. Going to culinary school also means that you must be open to the adaptation of different international cuisines or creating your kitchen identity. Whatever school you choose, it is vital to have a strong desire to learn. Enrolling in a culinary school costs a lot, so it would help to have a consultation first before going. It is also great to have an inspiration like idolizing a chef or dreaming to have your own restaurant. In this way, it will help you thrive for success.

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