Wander in Hundred Islands of the Philippines


The Philippines is famous for its unique natural resources, and one of those islands the country is proud of having is the Philippine Hundred Island. You may take a refreshing swim on the gorgeous beaches and explore unique natural areas there. Your family and loved ones can also do recreational activities like swimming, island hopping, biking, sightseeing, and so on at several locations across the place. Are you looking for a nice spot in Pangasinan where you can do those I have mentioned? You come to the right place. In this blog, I have compiled the wonders of Hundred Islands in Pangasinan, the Philippines, that must go and visit.

Hundred Island, Philippines

Start Your Day with A Blast

 Because the Hundred Islands National Park has more than a hundred islands and islets, you must try the island hopping experience while visiting the park. You will enjoy the beauty of Governor’s Island, Marcos Island, and more.

 Governor’s Island/Virgin Island

Governor's Island, Philippines


It is a popular tourist destination in Alaminos Pangasinan because of its breathtaking views. At Governor’s Island, a viewing deck is perfect for taking selfies and panoramic photos for your IG’s!

The island will welcome you with a more than 100-step staircase that will take you up to the top of the building. The overall experience is exhausting, especially if you are not into the outdoors, but it’s well worth it. 

Since the island is connected to the mainland by a bright orange floating bridge, it allows you to walk across the park’s crystal clear emerald waters.


Pilgrimage Island

Statue of Jesus Christ on Pilgrimage island in Hundred Islands National Park, Pangasinan, Philippines. Aerial view of the group of small islands with beaches and lagoons, famous tourist attraction, Alaminos.


On the other hand, Pilgrimage Island is unquestionably the best island to visit if you are a Christian. It is one of the more recent islands opened up to the general public for visitation. It is very high, ideal for the 56 ft (17 m) tall Jesus monument, completed only in 2017.

Flowers abound in the flower-filled gardens in front of the Jesus monument will amaze you even more in the place. Island residents meticulously maintain it. When you go there, especially if you have some troubles, the area is meditative calm. Regardless of your beliefs, you will surely enjoy Pilgrimage Island. All in all, the isolated island was made peaceful with incredible detail and care. It is such fantastic art!


Quezon Island

The Quezon Island got the name after Manuel L. Quezon, a former president of the Philippines and well-known Filipino history figure. Right in the middle of the island, you can see his monument.


Quezon Island is thus an apparent next destination, and it is also one that the boatmen will often recommend. A total of three islands make up this island, which has a wide range of recreational opportunities. The restaurant, among other things, is located on this island, which is the busiest in the park. 

The island provides you a variety of activities that you may find enjoyable. You may also opt to participate in sports such as jet-skiing and banana boating. 

When it comes to water sports like jet skiing, it is a high-speed activity that is excellent for helping your balance and coordination and your leg muscles.

Because it takes attention to remain on board, it is an excellent tool for improving balance and coordination abilities. Working out in the water strengthens your cardiovascular system and provides fantastic aerobic exercise. It helps develop both the arm and leg muscles when you are jet-skiing, giving them solid movement.

Banana boating (also known as a water sled) is an unpowered, inflatable leisure watercraft designed to tow behind a boat. The opportunity to go horseback riding is one of the things that you cannot afford to miss if you are traveling with a group. Taking a banana boat ride provides the same level of thrill as participating in other adventurous water sports such as a Jet Ski ride. If you’re looking for something entertaining to do, the banana boat trip is the activity for you. Adults and teenagers alike will be delighted by the enthusiasm it generates.

There is also a long zip-line and a shorter zip-line on the property. Apart from that, the swimming is excellent, and the beach has a beautiful white and powdery texture. 


Children Island

Pangasinan, Philippines- February 01, 2013: Women and men swimming in the sea near Children’s Island in The Hundred Islands National Park in The Philippines.


Another fantastic spot to experience, mainly if you have children, is Children’s Island. The island is perfect for families because the waters offer a safe swimming environment. In what seems to be an average of three feet, the surrounding depth of this Child-friendly island provides an incredible height for kids to play and swim in the sea for as long as they like. Parents will not worry that much.

What amazes me more about this place is that the tables are free and even tents for a possible overnight stay. 

The island offers you a ton of water activities and other build sandcastles activities out of the stones and sands on the beach. 

However, it is essential to remember that you must watch your children when benefiting from safety measures. As you are aware, children are hyperactive when they are having a good time.


Dugong Island

Hundred Islands


Dugong Island is another one that is worth noting among the hundred islands. The island got its name after the Philippine TV program called Marina made this island famous. Because the said, TV program series filmed on the island. 


Moreover, visitors are always welcome to explore the cave and get amazed at the natural curves.

Across the street is a little shop where you can get Halo-halo for Php60. It includes a section situated on stilts, and it is a beautiful spot to relax and picnic. Indeed, traveling is genuinely a vitamin for all of us. It makes you relax.

When you are finally okay with your picnic moment, you can also have sightseeing to the fantastic view of the ocean. The sound of the waves is undoubtedly one of the best melodies you will hear. Overall, the island has a ramp from which you may leap into the water and have a good time. 


Where to Stay in Pangasinan

Where to stay in Pangasinan

Because Pangasinan is a province brimming with beautiful beach locations, the demand for visitor accommodations has increased significantly over the past several years.


However, although the idea of backpacker hostels is still very much a work in progress in the province, there are still many other options available, including vacation home rentals, inns and hotels, beach resorts, and luxury hotels, among others.


Accommodations of Various Types

There’s been a considerable rise in accommodation choices in Pangasinan during the last several years. A diverse selection of lodging is available in Pangasinan, with something to meet all sorts of people’s requirements. When looking for inexpensive places to stay, you’ll discover that it’s possible to obtain cheap or costly hotels.


Beach Resorts

 On the island of Pangasinan, beach resorts are the most popular form of accommodation. Because of the many beach locations in the province, you will never have a problem finding a place to stay while visiting.


Hotels of the highest caliber

 The gorgeous hotels and resorts in Pangasinan will be ideal if you’re interested in staying in a beautiful hotel while on vacation. The amount of tourism that comes into Pangasinan encourages the hotel and resort market in the region to expand.

 According to internet evaluations, several of these high-end beach resorts in Pangasinan are on par with better than those found in Boracay and the Philippines.

 Rental of a Vacation Home

 This option is ideal if you travel with a large family or friends since you will have the whole home. Look through the top vacation home listings on the internet to discover the most suitable one for your party.


Hotels and inns on a tight budget

 Many modest budget hotels and inns are available across Pangasinan, particularly in the touristic towns of Alaminos, Bolinao, Dagupan, Anda, and the city of Urdaneta. In most cases, these low-cost accommodations provide just the most basic facilities, such as single or double mattresses in tiny private rooms.


Highlights of the accommodations

The process of finding the ideal Pangasinan lodging that fits your needs and budget is quite simple. For those traveling to a large party, renting a transitory home or vacation home will be an excellent option.


Alternatively, whether you are traveling as a couple, alone, or in a small group, you can decide on the wide-ranging options that span the categories of luxury, mid-range, and budget lodgings.


How to Get to the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan

When traveling, you have to check first the location and the different routes. Traveling to Pangasinan is easy and convenient because of the many bus stations. Travel time from Metro Manila varies from 6-7 hours, depending on the destination you decided to experience first.

Here are some common ways to go to Pangasinan:

When riding a bus, the bus travel to and from Pangasinan is popular during the summer months due to the abundance of bus terminals servicing the route. The reason is that many tourists are coming since most of the students are on vacation mode. 

Your bus options are available to get you to Pangasinan from the two main hubs in Metro Manila. The Cubao and Pasay, respectively.

From the Cubao district of Quezon City

Cubao is a central transportation hub in Metro Manila, and it is one of the most accessible. Several major bus companies operate daily trips from Cubao, Quezon City to various destinations in Pangasinan, including Bolinao and Dagupan. These routes are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your arrival time in the area.

Do you know what the exciting part is? These bus companies provide seats in three different classes. They offer you a regular, premier, and deluxe. However, while the deluxe-class seats are only available once or twice a day, most of the bus trips are frequent and premier bus trips throughout the day.

The starting point in Pasay

In addition to daily trips from Pasay to Dagupan and Lingayen. There is also a trip from Pasay to Dagupan and Bolinao.

Another bus option is also the Cisco Bus. It provides bus service to the Pangasinan towns of Manaoag, San Fabian, and Mangaldan from Pasay City. Like those in Cubao, these bus companies offer ordinary, premier, and limited luxury seating options.

Using a Car

Due to the building of the TPLEX and the NLEX-SCTEX routes, traveling to Pangasinan has become more efficient and easy. With these expressways, you may now travel from anywhere in Luzon to Pangasinan without stopping. If you are not familiar with the places, you can use mobile driving applications like Google Maps to show you the province’s location.

Finding Your Way throughout Pangasinan

When you have finally reached the Pangasinan, perhaps your question is how you will visit its tourist spots? Even if you don’t have a private vehicle, traveling to Pangasinan is a breeze. Every town and municipality is served by various means of transportation, including jeepneys, buses, and tricycles.

UV Shuttle Vans are also available in specific locations, although their rates are higher than those charged by buses and jeepneys. You will have a simpler time navigating Pangasinan if you are traveling by private car, as nearly all of the province is near well-paved roads and city streets.

Riding a Jeep

In Pangasinan, you may quickly locate a jeepney to take you to your destination by just standing by the side of the major highways. Many jeepneys circulate the roads, either traveling around the town or to another city.

The most direct and accessible route is to the town center, where most jeepney stops. The road to the following cities has a single straight line, making jeepney routes easy to memorize. Pangasinan people are amiable, so don’t be afraid to approach them and ask for directions.

Using the Bus

The same can be said about the jeepney since buses travel by the Pangasinan national highway regularly throughout the day and night. You may quickly go from one town to another by just waiting by the side of the road or heading to the bus terminals in each city you visit.

Using a Tricycle

If you visit a town in Pangasinan, using a tricycle is the ideal transportation model since they can enter via tiny streets.

Summer Is The Best Choice To Visit Pangasinan

The nice year-round weather in Pangasinan province makes it a great holiday location. I suggest you plan your visitation to the 100 Islands during the dry season from June to October to escape typhoons and monsoon rains.

Tour for a Day

  • PHP30 each person is charged as an entrance fee.
  • PHP40 per person for an environmental fee.
  • Person’s health insurance: PPHP10 per person
  • The cost of a small boat (1 to 5 people) is PHP1 400; mediumship (6 to 10 people) is PHP1 800, and a large vessel (11 to 15 people) is PHP2,000.


  • PHP30 per person for as an entrance fee.
  • PHP80 per person for as an environmental fee.
  • PHP10 per person for insurance.
  • The cost of a small boat (for 1 to 5 people) is PHP3,000, mediumship (6 to 10 people) is PHP3,800, and a large boat (for 11 to 15 people) is PHP4,500.
  • PHP250 per person for camping.
  • Tent rental starts at PHP500.

The Best Things to Do in the Hundred Islands

  • Island hopping is a popular pastime.
  • Taking a stroll on the beach
  • Jump off the cliffs of Marcos Island, which are 20 feet high.
  • Trek up to the top of the ridge in Governor’s Islands to get an unobstructed view of the park’s landscape.
  • Dive or snorkel to view the gigantic clams, coral reefs, and tropical fishes.
  • Camping
  • Water sports
  • Helmet diving
  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Kayaking 
  • Snorkeling Rental equipment costs P250 per set (mask, snorkel, aqua shoes, and life vest)
  • jet ski

Do’s and Don’ts: Your Travel Guide in an Island

1. Always maintain a good attitude.

While on vacation, everything is different from what you are used to experiencing every day. As a tourist, you are POSITIVE at all times can help you have a great experience.

2. Be polite and smile at the people you meet.

Filipinos are well-known for being cheerful and friendly individuals, mainly when dealing with visitors. Don’t be shocked if you are going down the street and someone gives you a beautiful grin as a way of expressing their delight at seeing you.

3. Possess a decent sense of fun.

Filipinos are well-known for their pleasant demeanor and love for items that elicit feelings of joy and pleasure in others. They can also take everything in stride and make light of even the most difficult situations by just laughing at them.

You may want to have some time to sit with them and laugh with them and notice and appreciate natural cheering gestures. A high level of humor characterizes Filipinos, which helps them have a reduced risk of depression.

4. “Thank you” is an expression of gratitude.

Hospitality is a characteristic shared by every Filipino family and by every Filipino person in general. Tourists and travelers have the opportunity to see this firsthand, particularly at guesthouses or upon their arrival in the province of Pangasinan, which sometimes takes them by surprise owing to the warm welcome that they get from the locals. Thanking the people of the area for their hospitality would be highly appreciated by anybody in the province, and you would almost certainly get a grin in return.

5. Enjoy Your Travel Experience

You have to leave your comfort zones and are inspired to see, taste, and experience new things as you travel. Adapting and exploring new environments is a continuous struggle. Still, it engages with new people, embracing new and essential experiences as they arise and sharing new and exciting experiences with friends and loved ones, all of which are always challenging. 

It is one of the primary reasons why many of us travel in the first place: to get away from the day-to-day stresses of our life, to recharge our creative mental energies, and to rejuvenate our relationships. So please take pleasure in it!

5. Try some of the local delicacies.

Native delicacies are a significant element of Pangasinan’s culture, and they are appreciated even by the island’s residents and visitors. You can only get a taste of these local delicacies in Pangasinan. So, stop by for a break from walking, boating, hiking, and swimming, and indulge in some great culinary experiences.

6. Get travel insurance before you go.

It is usually a brilliant decision to get travel insurance before leaving the country. During your trip, you may encounter unexpected situations (such as sickness or bad weather conditions) that may cause delays or force you to cancel or postpone your flights. This insurance protects you in the event of such events.

7. Don’t rush through the process.

Due to the short amount of time that most visitors get to spend in the region, many tourists do not have sufficient time to appreciate the natural beauty of the area thoroughly. So, it is best that when planning a trip to Hundred Islands, you have to plan to stay for at least a week to properly appreciate the island’s natural beauty and the diverse species that it has to offer.

Because of what happens in most cases, visitors prefer to hurry their visits to tourist sites to experience as many activities as possible, including visits to highly recommended areas for travelers. However, when visiting Pangasinan, just seeing is not enough; one must feel and breathe in the beauty that the island offers to appreciate it truly.

8. Without a guide or permission, you should avoid visiting Native villages and communities.

For your safety reasons, visitors shouldn’t enter the homes of tribal groups unless they have the help of a guide who is well-versed in the culture of the locals to prevent being hurt or unwanted by the tribe’s members.

Most tribes are receptive to visitors as long as they see someone they recognize accompanying the tourists. Because some of these tribes have not yet accepted the ongoing technological advances and innovations, you will need to seek permission before taking photographs of them or with them to prevent upsetting them or giving them an incorrect impression about you and your intentions.

9. Don’t be such a pain in the environment. Be responsible for your plastic garbage.

Plastic trash degrades the aesthetic value of tourist locations, resulting in a reduction in tourism-related revenues and significant economic expenses associated with the cleaning and upkeep of the destinations’ physical infrastructure. In addition, the chemicals employed in the manufacturing of plastic are poisonous and harmful to the human body. Chemicals included in plastic, such as lead, cadmium, and mercury, can directly contact people. These poisons can cause cancer, congenital disabilities, immune system disorders, and developmental concerns in children.

Top Things You Must Do & Bring While Traveling

After you’ve secured your tickets and accommodations, the only thing standing between you and a fantastic vacation is your baggage. We understand that packing may seem like a hassle, but you will never have to worry if you follow our professional packing advice.

1. Make a list of everything.

Okay, it seems a bit tedious, but making fool-proof lists is the first step toward a stress-free vacation. Make a distinction between your necessities and your desires, and be realistic about your baggage restrictions. If you are looking for list ideas, the following may be an excellent place to begin. 

2. You better have a list of all of your toiletries and medications.

Whether it’s an essential medicine or your favorite lipstick, forgetting to bring a hygiene item may be anything from a bit of inconvenience to a significant issue. For toiletries, remember to bring along your necessities, such as prescription medications, contact lenses, and any other things that you may not be able to buy or replace while on your trip.

3. Sort your clothing into categories.

Pack clothing in groups: shirts with shirts, trousers with pants, etc. It makes it simpler to locate what you need and unload on the opposite side of the trip when you arrive.

4. Do not wear shoes.

Shoes are the heaviest and most challenging piece of baggage to manage. The number of pairs of shoes you should bring on vacation is highly dependant on how long you want to be away, but three pairs is a fair average for a 1-2 week trip, in our opinion. 

More essential than volume is flexibility, so make sure you can carry on to hike in stilettos by packing a pair of shoes for every possible scenario that may arise throughout your vacation. Wear the most burdensome pair of socks on the aircraft — and put the rest of your socks in the remainder of your luggage – to save even more room.

5. Cosmetics should be kept to a bare minimum!

Unless you’re planning a trip to a remote island, you’ll probably be able to get your favorite shampoo and sun lotion brands in nearly any part of the globe, unless you’re traveling to a remote island. 

You’ll also be less likely to discover an eruption of unidentifiable sticky substances ruining everything in your luggage when you reach your destination since there will be fewer cosmetics in your suitcase.

Suppose it feels strange to you without your favorite face cream, attempt to limit your packing to just what you will need for your vacation, and nothing more. You’ll be able to dump the empties and save valuable baggage space for your return journey home as a result.

6. Wallet for Travel

When traveling, it’s essential to organize as possible to avoid to caught in the commotion! A travel wallet is the perfect travel item for any occasion. You may keep track of all of your essential papers, such as your passport, AADHAR card, travel tickets, and other necessary paperwork. In addition to storing your documents, you may use them to keep currency, credit cards, hotel key cards, and a variety of other items that may come in useful.

7. A portable charger as well as charging cables

Anywhere you go, whatever your plan is. It is one of the critical travel necessities you can have with you. It’s difficult to think if your tablet dies when you’re in the midst of an exciting movie scene on a flight or train. 

When traveling while working and your phone dies and all of your trip information is there, the situation is much more difficult. So, before going head straight to your travel destination, you make sure to bring along your chargers and a portable backup charger to prevent such problems.

8. The memory keeper, Camera

Making memories when traveling is what traveling is all about, so be sure you record them with a high-quality camera. There is no more incredible feeling than reflecting on all you’ve accomplished and reminded yourself what an incredible adventure you’ve embarked upon that very moment. 

Invest in memory sticks to save pictures on and mail them back home for added security and convenience. Please remember to have fun along the journey!

Final Words

There you go, those are some of the beautiful places that await you in Pangasinan, Philippines. Your travel experience will surely be great as the hundred island offers you different treasure sceneries. Have you visited one of those places I have mentioned? What are your thoughts about this travel blog? Please leave us a comment below.  

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