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What Do I Need to Travel to the Philippines?

The Philippines is a country worth visiting with its jewel-like seas, amazing food, and lovely and friendly people. A trip to the Philippine is a trip to a beautiful paradise that is simply unforgettable. The beaches in the Philippine are truly above par. In fact, it pays to know that the most expensive beach resort hotel in the world is found in none other than the Philippines! The Philippines offer accommodations and adventures at every price point, so if you are a budget tourist, you are covered. However, before you hop on that plane, there are a few essentials that you should bring along to make your trip to this tropical island even more unforgettable and hassle-free. What do I need to travel to the Philippine is a question you may ask yourself? The following is an in-depth discussion.

What Do I Need to Travel to the Philippines

What Do I Need to Travel to the Philippines- Things You can bring into the Philippines- alcohol, cigarettes, and currency

Visitors to the Philippines are allowed to bring all their personal belongings. This is duty-free. They are also allowed a budget of bringing at most two cartons of cigarettes and a maximum of one liter of alcohol. An unlimited amount of foreign currency is allowed.

What Do I Need to Travel to the Philippines- Philippine Money Matters

The official currency in the Philippines is the peso. This is divided into 100 centavos. There are dominations for both notes and coins. Notes come in 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 peso amounts while the coins come in 1, 5, 10, 25 centavos, 1, and 5 amounts. You can get your foreign currencies exchanged in most commercial establishments such as banks, malls, and large hotels.

What do I need to travel to the Philippines? It is crucial to bring enough money for your expenses

Major credit cards are accepted throughout the country, which includes: American Express, Diners, Visa, and Mastercard. You can also issue traveler’s checks to hotels and major department stores.

Unlike in western countries tipping isn’t required. However, it will be a good practice to leave a few tips. Some restaurants already have a service charge, so tipping is not needed. However, if you are feeling generous, tips will be politely received. You can tip waitstaff, especially if you have been given excellent service. A few bills and changes are sufficient. Leave a tip after you pay.

What Do I Need to Travel to the Philippines- Identification

What do I need to travel to the Philippines? It is vital for any foreigner visiting the country to have some form of identification. Especially for US citizens, identification is required by the US Department of State. Visa is not required, and a passport will do plus a return ticket. The passport should have at least six months of validity before expiration. Immigration officials will give stamp the passport with 21 days of effective stay in the country. For foreigners who want to stay longer, it is crucial to consult with the Immigration Department in the Philippines. Overstaying is illegal, which may result in fines and detention.

Electric Converter

You can bring your favorite appliances to the country, but you must use an electric converter. Two hundred twenty volts AC is used in the Philippines as a standard electric service. Some hotels do offer 110 volts. What do I need to travel to the Philippines—electronic converters give you hassle free convenience.  Foreigners can lessen their frustration by bringing an electric converter before their departure. Proper preparations can ensure they will enjoy their electronics and appliances once they land in the country.

Quality backpack

What Do I Need to Travel to the Philippines

Most tourists who come to the Philippine are out to go on an adventure and visit the islands. Unless you are here for a business trip, it is better just to bring along a backpack. What do I need to travel to the Philippines—backpacks are easier to use. Usually, these islands are remote and require extensive travel via land air and sea. You have to get on ferry buses, minibuses, charter planes, and taxis. Bringing along a heavy suitcase just isn’t practical, and a backpack will be more convenient. You can fit everything you need in a backpack, plus, it is suitable for the warm weather. Bringing along heavier bags such as suitcases requires extra effort, and coupled with the heat will be a real workout. Backpacks are also great because they can fit anywhere. They don’t have to be stored far away from you. They can fit in overhead compartments. Safety can be an issue, and it pays to have your belongings close to you.

Swimming apparels

The weather in the Philippine is humid and warm. Temperatures can go as high as 32 degrees Celsius. You would be lured into swimming every day, especially if you opted for a beach vacation. The jewel-like waters will mesmerize you encouraging you to take a dip. Hopefully, you’ll find waters that are cool to refresh your body. What do I need to travel to the Philippines–you will need at least two swimming attire to allow one to dry.

Mosquito repellent

It is crucial to bring along mosquito repellant. Bringing clothes is not important since you will likely find many kiosks on the island selling affordable yet beautiful island-style clothing. What you need and is non-negotiable is an effective and quality mosquito repellant. It should be strong enough to stop mosquitoes on its track. Not putting on a repellant will allow the mosquito free reign to bite every part of your body, making your vacation miserable. What do I need to travel to the Philippines–fill your backpack with all the mosquito stoppers you can find at home such as citronella, lotions, and sprays.

Sunscreen and sunglasses

Sunscreen is crucial for skin health. Too much sun can cause sunburns and even skin cancer. It isn’t good to leave off sunscreen and be totally bare. Lobster red burns are painful and can cause you sleepless nights. It should be noted that you absorb twice as much sun when you are swimming because the waters reflect the sun’s rays. You also get burned even when you are walking around on the beach at high noon. Put some kind of shawl around your shoulders if you are on land and apply a ton of sunscreen on your skin. It is also vital that you protect your eyes with sunglasses.

In-flight essentials in your travel to the Philippines

What Do I Need to Travel to the Philippines

Flights can be boring. The long hours you will be spending cooped up in a seat with nothing to do can drive you crazy. To make your trip on the plane more bearable, you have to bring some essentials to keep you entertained and occupied.


What do I need to travel to the Philippines? You can bring your own headphones, but most airlines already provide headphones to passengers. You will be spending hours on the flight so you will have time to watch some movies or listen to your favorite tunes


If you don’t like watching movies, you can use a tablet for reading for catching up on work. A tablet is handy and doesn’t occupy a lot of space.


Casual slip-ons or sneakers

You need to bring something light and practical on your trip to the Philippines. The weather really doesn’t allow dressy or formal outfits. Exceptions to this rule are if you are coming for a business trip. Casual shoes are just right for casual dinners and walking around town. They are appropriate, even if you are in the bars and restaurants of Manila.

Water shoes

You will need these types of shoes to protect your feet from the rocks and pebbles in the oceans. Some areas in the water have spiky corals, so water shoes are vital to protect your feet. Water shoes provide you with protection as well as grip so you won’t slip and have accidents when traipsing in the waters. Some water shoes also double as casual shoes so they can have land-based use.

flip flops

You will find that most people in the Philippine will be wearing this type of footwear. They are cool, inexpensive, and perfect for the warm weather. It is crucial to obtain one for your travel to the Philippines since they are so convenient and comfortable to wear. You should wear them when you use the shower rooms in resorts since they will protect your feet from any bacterial infection. Many people use public showers, and you can bet that there will be germs and unseen pathogens lingering in the floors and walls of the shower. You wouldn’t want to go barefoot, especially in public toilets. Flip flops are your perfect everyday footwear in the tropics. They are easy to put on and easy to remove.

Stylish sandals or heels

Dress up to the tropical vibe of the Philippine and wear stylish sandals and heels. Sandals are in fashion in the tropics and are comfortable to wear. Low heels are especially attractive and are appropriate when you are going to fancier restaurants.


Long pants of thin material and sweater

You will need to put on some light material on your body during the sunset to feel cool. It is especially during sunset that mosquitoes go out and attack. You need clothing to protect yourself, but make sure the material is thin because you don’t want to feel uncomfortably warm. This is especially crucial during rainy months when the mosquito population is at its frenzy. Things are better in the summer, though, but it is still better to be prepared for anything even if you are coming in the summer.

Comfy cotton underwear

Cotton material is the best possible material for underwear in the tropics. A woman’s need for lacy lingerie is understandable, especially in a honeymoon, but it isn’t practical in warm and humid conditions. The lace material is itchy and not breathable. Besides, when you are on a tropical vacation, you will be moving around a lot and hopping from island to island and swimming. You want underwear that will keep you dry as well as be soft and comfortable to wear. The cotton material will ensure that you will stay healthy down there so you can do more on your trip.

A durable rain jacket


Weather is unpredictable in the Philippines. You may be enjoying sunny weather, and the next moment there is a deluge of non-stop rain. It is better to be prepared than sorry and bring along a durable rain jacket. Rains in the tropics can be intense, and the large droplets can really sting your skin. Any exposed area of your body is a fair game to the harsh rain. Thin plastic rain sheets won’t do and easily get torn. You should bring a hard-wearing rain jacket with durable stitching ad material for those unexpected moments when rain bursts out from the clouds.

Quick-dry layering tops

The Philippines has many jungles and forests you can explore. Some bodies of water, such as falls, lakes, and streams, require trekking through dense forest. This requires a lot of walking and hiking, so you need a quick-dry top that will not accumulate sweat. What do I need to travel to the Philippines? Moisture-wicking tops keep you dry and ensure you will be focusing on your activity instead of getting bogged down by the heat and drips of sweat.

Maxi dress or long skirt

Some resorts, restaurants require a more formal dress code. However, dress codes in the islands are still relatively permissive, and all that is required are a few dressy outfits such as maxi dresses and long skirts. These types of clothing are lightweight and easy to pack. You may only be using them once or twice so you shouldn’t be bringing a whole lot

chino pants

Chino pants are the formal attire that men can wear in restaurants and resorts that require more formal dress codes. This can be topped with a chino style shirt or a collared shirt. Dress codes on the island are still permissive, even if it says formal, so light material and casual wear are permitted.

Lightweight shawl

Shawls are lightweight, easy to carry, and versatile. Choose a neutral-colored shawl that can go well with any outfit. These shawls can be used as a warmer, scarf, travel blanket, or formal accessory.

Final Thoughts

Traveling to the Philippines is a gift you should give yourself. This beautiful country has a lot to offer tourists. Their stay is something to remember. One visit is not enough since there are so may place to see. Bring along all the what do I need to travel to the Philippines and get ensured of a wonderful and hassle-free stay!

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