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What is Famous for Manila for Shopping?

Philippine is a country that consists of more than 7,000 islands. There are different ethnic groups living in the country. Moreover, each has unique characteristics, traditions, and cultures they follow. Within Manila, the country’s capital, foreign nationals and even locals can find couples of things that are really worth buying. What is famous for Manila for shopping is in every corner of the city. 

In this blog post, we will share to you those items and Filipino products that are good buys. Aside from that, such products can also keep a little bit of memory of the Philippine country and your great adventure here. If you are a first-timer here in the country, check these items and determine what’s best to bring home from your loved ones.

Capiz Items

Basically, Capiz is a province within Visayas island. It faces the Sibuyan Sea at the northern part. Additionally, it is also the name of a shell that is generally used for decorating home interiors and gifts. It also decorates lovable accessories of the country.

Meanwhile, the Capiz shell is the outer part of the shell of Placuna placenta. This is a marine mollusk that usually resides in the deepest coastal waters of the country. Moreover, it is a flat shell that is semi-transparent and looks like pearlescence.

Furthermore, what is famous for Manila for shopping is the luminescent products made from Capiz shells. These are the lampshades, candleholders, and Christmas lanterns. Generally, its utilization as material for luminescent objects is due to its amazing appearance as light shines over through it. Typically, the price of Capiz shell items ranges from Php 119.75 to Php 1999.75.


Hailed as the ‘Pearl of the Orient Seas’, the Philippines is very rich with its very own precious gems, the pearl. Being an oldest valued gem, pearl comes from living mollusks or oyster. Aside from that, this gem is generally round in shape, hard, and smooth. Moreover, its production and cultivation are through natural ways.

what is famous for manila for shopping pearls

What is famous for Manila for shopping is the various fancy shades of Philippine pearls. It can be bought in a combination of cream and white hues or creamy roses. Additionally, pearls also come in assorted colours of yellow and gold. You can buy pearls between Php 500 to Php 1,000.

Buying Tip: In order to ensure that the pearl is real, try to bite it or scratch it on. If ever it leaves any mark or creates a sandy texture, just simply wipe it. In case the mark or texture disappears after wiping, presto, you got a real one!

Bamboo Baul

Scientifically speaking, bamboo belongs to the grass family and generally the largest species. Additionally, it is also a plant that grows really quick over the world. Here in the country, the economic and cultural relevance of bamboo is very noticeable. Since it is cheap, its utilization as a material for building purposes and food source is really in demand.

Generally, ‘baul’ is a Spanish word which means trunk or chest. Moreover, Bamboo Baul is the native version of a treasure chest in which the materials are the bamboo shoots. Many buyers use the Bamboo Baul as decorative chest which is a product that what is famous for Manila for shopping. 

Furthermore, this native baul has different sizes. The price of the smallest size of this product is around Php 179.75.

Abaca Products

Generally, abaca belongs to the banana family which largely grow in the Philippines. Usually, they harvested and used abaca fibre or the Manila hemp to make ropes and twines. Basically, the ropes made from abaca are very unique from other ropes. It is highly durable and resistant to saltwater.

What is famous for Manila for shopping are the products made from abaca. Actually, there are many items that you can derive from it. These include the abaca basket, abaca placemats, coaster, and napkins.

Basically, the abaca basket has a price ranging from Php 100.00 to Php 499.75. Meanwhile, the abaca placemats and other decorative items from abaca have prices of Php 99.75 to Php 399.75.

Salakot Ashtray

In the Philippines, there is the natively worn hat which is widely brimmed. This is popularly known as the ‘salakot’. Usually, the material of this Philippine product is rattan or reeds. Moreover, the salakot is a popular kind of headwear in the countries. Furthermore, many Filipino artist created a decorative artwork from it which is the ashtray.

Aside from this, the ashtray wood carvings are commonly used by most Filipino men who tend to smoke. Generally, smoking becomes a habit of Filipino men due to the fact that tobacco is also a product of the indigenous tribe in the northern Philippines. Additionally, wooden ashtrays have various kinds. It includes the human head, cobra, and Phallic ashtray.

What is famous for Manila for shopping is the Phallic ashtray which is a unique kind among them. The thing that makes it unique is its symbolism of the productive power of nature. Moreover, this product is a good gift idea and as a collector’s item. Furthermore, you can buy this product for around Php 100 to Php 250.


Generally, a banig is the Filipino version of mats which is primarily used for sleeping. Additionally, banig is usually woven in which the designs may vary from one ethnic group to another. Moreover, the materials for weaving banig depends on the region. So it may either be made from pandan, palm or seagrass leaves. These are all native plants from different parts of the country.

What is famous for Manila for shopping is the banig that also comes in various colours. The woven mats that have vibrant colours with geometric lines usually came from the south. Moreover, the northern part of the Philippines creates woven mats that have firm and darker colours. 

In conjunction with modernization, woven mats are now also popular to be an adornment for walls and ceilings. Additionally, today, there is the various conversion of banig into different products such as throw pillows, furniture matting, bags, and framed decors. You can buy this Philippine product for Php 1,499.75 to Php 1,500.    

Miniature Philippine Jeepney

Basically, the most popular mode of transportation in the country is the jeepney. Because of its design and artistic style, the jeepneys are also a popular and essential part of one’s travel in the Philippines. Certainly, the Philippine jeepney is the galloper of the country’s transportation. Additionally, it is still the unbeatable king of the road.

what is famous for manila for shopping jeepneys

Furthermore, the art behind the Philippine Jeepney is the mixture of its accessories and colours. The resulting art from this combination is subsequently introduced into the plain canvas of galvanized metal or stainless steel. Definitely, to ride a jeepney can give you the experience of a Filipino mentality.

Moreover, to always refresh yourself about your great Philippine escapade, try to bring home a mini model of it. What is famous for Manila for shopping is the miniature version of this jeep. Its price ranges from Php 300.00 to Php 500.00.   

Tikog Slippers

Generally, the locals and various tribes of the country are excellent in producing handcrafted goods. And those are the products that bring fame and popularity to the country. Additionally, these items are really good as gift items and a great choice of ‘pasalubong’ or something to bring home to your family and friends. Moreover, every corner of the country can offer woven items and native handicrafts like Liliw sandals in Laguna, Marikina shoes, and the Tikog slippers.

Basically, Tikog is a special grass within the swampy areas on the side of rice fields. Usually, the appearance of this grass is something that has triangular stems. The dried leaves are common raw materials in creating handicrafts like flip flops or slippers. Moreover, looking back in history, tikog was material for floor coverings. 

Nowadays, many use them for decorations and accessories. What is famous for Manila for shopping is the native handicraft slippers made of tikog. Many foreign buyers popularly bought this item. Usually, the price of tikog slipper is as low Php 99.75.

Coconut Wine and Snacks

Generally, the other term for coconut wine is coconut vodka. However, ‘lambanog‘ is the famous name of this Philippine alcoholic beverage. Usually, the production of coconut wine is through the distillation of the sap of unripened coconut flower. Additionally, the lambanog or coconut wine is popular for its high alcoholic concentration of 80 to 90 proof.

Furthermore, the province of Quezon in Luzon is the biggest distiller of lambanog in the country. What is famous for Manila for shopping is the various flavours of lambanog available in the market. The following flavours are bubblegum, mango, cinnamon, and blueberry to name a few. You can get lambanog for only Php 599.75.

Aside from that, there are many products that you can derive from the coconut fruit. Moreover, the country is a popular and biggest producer of coconuts in the world. That’s why coconut snacks are also abundant in the country.

What is famous for Manila for shopping is the snack from coconuts like the Coconut Water and the Dried Young Coconut Snacks. Furthermore, these products from coconut are really great tasting, naturally refreshing, and very nutritious. 

Barrel Man

Basically, the barrel man is a famous type of wood carving that has a naked man or woman inside the barrel. Before, you can only buy this handicraft by travelling in the mountain areas in the northern part of the country. Generally, when you take off the barrel, it will show a male figure which includes the prominent phallic symbol.

What is famous for Manila for shopping within the common gift shops of the city and even in the Mountain Provinces is this barrel man. Because it is surprising for most first time visitors when they encounter and open the barrel, this item becomes very popular for many tourists. Moreover, this product is also an essential part of the history, culture and art of the country. This ranges from Php 100 to Php 250.   

Barako Coffee

what is famous for manila for shopping barako coffee

Basically, Barako coffee is a variety of coffee that grows within the Batangas and Cavite provinces. Moreover, the term ‘barako’ is a local word which describes masculinity, strongness, or manliness. On the other hand, the Tagalog word for coffee is ‘kape’. Generally, this coffee variant gives a very strong taste thus claiming the name Kapeng Barako

What is famous for Manila for shopping is this exotic coffee product from Batangas. Furthermore, this is best to serve in plain black with just a little bit sweetener in most restaurants in Manila.

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Dried Mangoes

The Philippines is also well-known for having the sweetest tasting mangoes. However, buying it in kilos may be very bulky and hard to carry. That’s why to bring home the sweet taste of this fruit, locals dry them up. Moreover, in the drying process, they still preserve the sweetness and natural flavour without any added preservatives.

What is famous for Manila for shopping is the dried version of this fruit, the dried mangoes. It is really sweet, tasty and full of vitamins. Additionally, it is a healthy snack that you can munch in replacement for those sugary ones. Moreover, dried mangoes are also good as snack and dessert or as ingredients for ice creams.

Final Thoughts

Aside from amazing natural wonders and beautiful sceneries, the country of the Philippines is also rich with various shops and delicious cuisines. When you travel here in the country and you want to buy something as a great Philippine adventure remembrance, there are many options that you can choose. What is famous for Manila for shopping is those Filipino goodies that you can bring back home to your family and friends. Despite their affordable prices, your loved ones will definitely love to experience the Philippines through this little something.

If you love this blog post, you can share your thoughts with us below. However, you can also comment here if you think there’s something we’ve missed and should be included in the list. Happy shopping!

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