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What to Do in Boracay in 3 Days? Travel Guide 2020

The Philippines is known as the home of beautiful islands. Boracay is one of the most popular travel destinations in the country because of its perfect white sand beach, stunning turquoise blue water, and vibe that you will never see and feel in any other beaches. Also, it belongs to the Top 10 Best Islands in the World. In the last seven years, thousands of tourists visited the island. While there are plenty of other beautiful beaches in the Philippines like Palawan, the majority prefer Boracay. This is because of the one of a kind experience it provides. In just a couple of days of staying in the island, you will have one of the best vacations in your life. “What to do in Boracay in 3 days”, you might ask yourself this. But do not worry, in this article we provide things you need to know about Boracay.

Also, there are plenty of things to do on the island. That being said, we include the list of fun things to do in your 3 days of stay that will make your trip enjoyable. Keep on reading to find out!

Understanding Boracay

Before we answer the question “what to do in boracay in 3 days?”, it is important to know more about the island – why it is famous, location, language, to name a few.

When talking about your next travel destination with your friends and someone mentioned Philippine, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? More often than not, Boracay is the place that is usually associated with the country. It has been know in years as the famous tourist spot in the Philippines. Also, because of the beaches, nightlife, people, and food, all tourists who get to visit the place would want to come up.

Personally, I have been to Boracay once before and I would say it one of the best vacations I have in my life. Almost everything’s great! What I love the most is the calming color of the sea and of course the sand. Very find and white that you would want to take some at home!

Because of this enormous attention, a once peaceful and preserved island was transformed in an extremely developed travel destination. Resorts in various classes, swimming pool sizes, were developed. Aside from that, boutiques, restaurants, vendors, and shops line up along the streets. Lastly, two airports were built just to accommodate the increasing number of tourists.

*Boracay in 2020

What I have mentioned in the previous paragraph is the case of Boracay in the past couple of yeas. If you are planning to visit the Island in the next years, probably when the planet recovers from the pandemic, it will be totally different. Why is that?

Last year, 2019, the Boracay was ordered to temporarily close down for 6 months to make some changes. The beach even in the most crowded places is now bluer than it used to be. Also, there are now only a few resorts that are allowed to operate. Now I am not quite sure if this is bad or good news for you, but vendors and shops along the street are no longer allowed. You might not find your favorite bar to spend your night while drinking beer and enjoying the sound of the waves. On the bright side, this is for the best. Now, Boracay is cleaner than before. No more crowded places.

With that, we would say that apparently it is not hard to understand why Boracay is very popular. You will see once you set foot on the sand. Boracay has something that other islands cannot give. Whether you are having a vacation with your friends, on a honeymoon, a backpacker, solo traveler, or a luxury traveler, you will definitely fall in love with the place.

Here are some other things about Boracay

Location: Boracay is under the municipality of Malay, province of Aklan. Panay Island is what covers the Mainland Aklan.

Languages: The two native languages of people who live in Aklan are Ati and Aklanon. On the other hand, locals, especially individuals working under the industry of tourism speak and comprehend both Tagalog and English. After all, they have to so as to communicate properly with the clients or tourists.

Currency: Philippine peso is used as the currency in Boracay. In peso, USD 2 is PHP 100.

Methods of Payment: Restaurants and other shops prefer cash for payment. Before going to the island, make sure you have plenty of cash in PHP. Some high-end restaurants or establishments accept cash, but to be safe just pay in cash.

What to Do in Boracay in 3 Days? Travel Guide 2020

What to do in Boracay in 3 Days? Places to Stay

If you have not been to Boracay before, then most likely you think that it consists of one beach only. The one responsible for this is the media, the portrays Boracay as an island with one beach. Media focuses on the main stretch which is the white beach. White beach is the most popular and longest beach in Boracay. But little did most people know, Boracay has other beautiful beaches.

When you are planning on what to do in boracay in 3 days, make sure the accommodation will easily get you to your target places/activities. Also, make sure to consider not only the barangay but as where it is located.

Take a look at some of the popular beaches in Boracay:

White Beach– as mentioned earlier, this the crowdest and busiest beach in Boracay. It is probably because tourists thought that it is the only beach in Boracay. However, even though some people know that there are other beaches aside from this, they still prefer white beach because it is the most beautiful and longest beach.

Bulabog Beach– another amazing beach aside from the white beach is Bulabog beach. This one also has a long stretch, but the sand is not as fine as the white beach. In addition to that, it is best for exciting water activities. If you do not want to stay in a place near a crowded beach and you are more of an adventurous type, you might want to consider booking a place near Bulabog beach.

Diniwid Beach– unlike the white and bulabog beach, diniwid beach is just a short stretch of beach. Also, it is separated by a promontory. It an isolated beach, so tourists do not usually go there. However, if you visit to place, there is a cemented trail that serves as the bridge to the white beach. In addition to that, there are also very few resorts and shops that you can find there.

On the off chance, you are a luxury traveler and you prefer to stay in high-end hotels, Shangri-la Boracay and Flora East are situated near smaller coves.

What to do in Boracay in 3 Days? Three stations of the White Beach

On the off chance, you are fully decided that you will look for accommodation along the white beach, then you can disregard the previous section about the three popular beaches. Instead, focus on this section about the main areas of the 5 km white sand beach.

Station 1

This station is known to be the station for elite tourists – actors/actresses, VIPs, politicians, to name a few. Few people are found in station 1 because the hotel room prices are too expensive. However, the good thing about booking a hotel in station 1 is that it is not as loud and crowded as the other stations. The place is much cleaner and peaceful.

Aside from that, this is also the place where you can find the famous Boracay landmark, the Willy’s Rock. As you walk along the beach, you will see plenty of bars selling happy hour drinks during day time. Also, they will provide you with sun lounger so you can enjoy your drink beside the beach.

Station 2

This is the most popular station among the three stations as this is considered as the epicenter. Back in the days when shops, hena tattoo designers, bars, and massage centers were allowed along the street, this is where you can find most of them. This is the best place to do business as it is filled with people all the time. This is why, by far, it is the crowdest place along the white beach.

If you are someone who enjoys loud music, a lively atmosphere, or you enjoy seeing a lot of people. then you must probably look for a place situated in this area.

Station 3

If you have been to station 2 and you think it is way more peaceful than station 2, then there is the quietest station. This is where you can find the most high priced hotels and restaurants. But if you are planning to go swimming in most of your stay, then I am afraid this is not the best station for you because the water is deep.

There are some bars in here but it is not as lively as the first two stations. It is perfect for people who prefer to spend a quiet and peaceful vacation.

Regardless of the stations you choose when it comes to the place where you will stay, the three stations have very few restaurants and hotels since the year 2019. But if you prefer to stay in a lively place with plenty of people to interact with, stations 1 and 2 are for you.

What to Do in Boracay in 3 Days? Travel Guide 2020

What to do in Boracay in 3 Days? See 3-day Itinerary Below

Day 1. Exploring the long stretch of white beach

You would not want to miss the excitement white beach can give so make sure to explore it on your first day. There are plenty of things to do in this beach with turquoise blue water. When you’re already in Boracay, you might be overwhelmed with several things to do. And since you only have three days to spend on the island, you want it to be memorable.

To help you decide what to do in boracay in 3 days, we list down the best things to do on the white beach:

1.Watersport Activities

You would not want to miss doing this in such amazing clear blue waters. At least opt for a dip or try the enjoyable activities. Do not worry, you will not find it hard to look for these activities. Usually, several people selling tours, watersport activities, and other fun activities will approach and insist you try some of the activities.

Before saying yes to them, make sure to negotiate first! Ask them to lower the price. Some fo the popular and fun activities you will find are paddleboarding, snorkeling, diving, banana boat rides, experience at the speed boat, and a lot more.

On the off chance you are more into diving, you might not have fun doing it in Boracay. Palawan is a more popular diving destination.

2. Explore DMall

This is the most popular mall in Boracay. But wait, do not expecting that it is similar to an airconditioned shopping mall. It is actually an open air mall where you can find various souvenir shops, restaurants, clothing stores, and a lot more.

If you are planning to go here and shop for things, make sure you have excellent bargaining skills. Also, beware of vendors who sell overpriced items. If you find something you really love, look for other stores as the prices vary sometimes.

3. Henna Tatto

They say that it is mandatory to get a henna tattoo once you set foot on Boracay. It is just a temporary tattoo so why not? You might even find it great on you. After all, it will just stay for a couple of days. In addition to that, if you want to get a permanent tattoo and you are scared on how it might look on you, it is your time to see how it will look.

Day 2: Get Away from the Crowds

While it is fun to mingle with other people and enjoy shopping at various stores, you also need some peaceful time. If you think you do not need to be in a less crowded place, it is up to you. But since you are just staying for 3 days, it would be best to spend most of it and experience the two sides of Boracay.

If you are looking for the best place to spend your silent time with your friends or loved ones, I recommend the puka beach. The beach is definitely breathtaking! There are few people, so it is perfect for peaceful time.

Also, despite its serene vibe, you still get to enjoy some water activities. There are paddleboarding and kayak. But since what you are after is an uncrowded place, do not expect to see a lot of clubs, bars, restaurants.

It is a perfect place to enjoy the long white sand beach and clear blue sea. Sometimes, there is glass-bottom kayak for an extra special experience.

Aside from the water activities, there is also a small store that sells souvenirs and decorations. If you are planning on swimming for a long time, you might find it difficult since the currents are strong. Since there are very few food establishments, you might want to bring your own to puka beach.

What to Do in Boracay in 3 Days? Travel Guide 2020

Day 3. Cliff Jumping and Scuba Diving

On your third and last day, make sure you spend more time underwater. What I mean by this is participating in underwater activities. Even though I mentioned before that Palawan is a better destination for diving, it would still be fun to experience these activities in Boracay.

The place called Ariel’s Point is where diving activities normally take place. But you can only book this activity by going to Station 1. Take note, though that you are going to be doing this for a whole day so bring a lot of water and sunscreen! Usually, you will depart at 11 am and arriving at the white beach at 5 pm.

Other important things to bring are a waterproof bag for your belongings, underwater camera, waterproof clear cellphone case, hat and swimwear for scuba.

On the off chance you are going with your friends and they all want to go scuba diving/ cliff diving but you are not a fan, still, join the trip. Being on the boat is still fun and sometimes some boats offer alcohol and BBQ for lunch. Even if you are scared of cliff diving, you can choose lower levels to jump from.


Having a vacation in Boracay is always fun and memorable as long as you carefully plan ahead of time when it comes to your itinerary. It is a huge place with lots of beaches and things to do. Hence, if you are planning to stay for only a few days, make the most out of it, and make sure you experience the most important activities! Whether you are planning a Boracay trip with your family, friends, or another half, this guide will be helpful.

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