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What To Expect When Marrying A Filipina: What Are The Things To Know

What to expect when marrying a Filipina

Are you curious about every country’s culture and tradition including the Philippines? What to expect when you marrying a Filipina? 

This is also the question of a lot of foreign men who have dated Filipina. And they want to go to the next level of their relationships. There are a lot of things you need to know when marrying a Filipina. In the Philippines Filipinos still believe in marriage. The country where most of the people are religious and they believe that marriage is sacred. They know how to value the importance of marriage and living together. Especially on the part of all women. For Filipina women, marriage is a very important and special event on their part, because this event is a once-in-a-lifetime event.  

In the Philippines, once the couple plans to get married the parents of both parties should be together. The man and his family will go to the house of a woman to have a “pamamanhikan” in a Filipino word or supplication. In this time the boy will get permission from the parents and consent to marry their daughter. 

In the Philippines, there is an age limit that is a thing before planning to have a wedding. The couple must be at the legal age of at least 21 years old. 

Going to a deeper side, a lot of foreign men have been interested and dated some Filipina girls. Even a long time ago when other countries presents to the Philippines, foreign men and soldiers got attracted to Filipina. This is the reason why other people in the Philippines are mixed blooded. When a  foreign men visit the Philippines, this is the time he meets a lot of Filipina. They find Filipinas beautiful inside and out. 

Other foreign men choose an online platform, which is a popular dating site. This is one of the modern ways to find a wife today! This is very common for foreigners outside the country to make friends online. However, there are foreign stories, said that a lot of Filipina looking for foreign husbands because of money. They are just making friends, having a relationship with a foreigner to make them as monetary assistance.

Filipinas are also tagged as scammers and deceiving to foreign men. The statement is somehow not always the truth for all Filipinas. Most of the Filipina ladies on a dating site are looking for a charming prince too! They are sincere and honest with their feelings and status in life. And if a foreign man is in a serious relationship with a Filipina and he wants to get married to her. There are a lot of things to expect when marrying a Filipina. You see marriage is a serious thing, that when you decide to be in this situation you are sure of everything. And you need to remember that this is a lifetime commitment for both parties. Below are some ideas to expect when marrying a Filipina.

What Are The Things You Can Expect Marrying A Filipina

#1 Filipinas Value Their Family So Much

This is one of the best values of being a Filipino, not only for Filipina. They give so much value to their family. Growing up in the Philippines, having a happy and loving family instilled in the hearts of a Filipina woman. Through this once a Filipina becomes committed and married someone they make sure to give their all. Unlike women in other countries after they get married they can do whatever they want. But for Filipina women will put their family first above anything else. Filipina has the courage to give up her career, friends, money, and leisure for her family. For her, she will do everything to protect her family because a family serves as a foundation for her. 

#2 Filipina Value The Importance of Marriage 

When you marry a Filipina, expect that they are valuing the importance of marriage. For her marriage is sacred that she must respect. She takes it as one of the most memorable and special events in her life. Being married to a Filipina means it’s a long-life commitment. The commitment to be faithful to each other for better, for worse, in sickness and in health. When she marries the love of her life she makes sure that she will be with him for the rest of her life.

Filipina thinks that marriage is a gift from God that you should respect and not play around. However, if the marriage doesn’t work out for the two parties and they want to separate, there is a way for a legal separation. In other countries, divorce is the legal way of separation. But in the Philippines there is no law of divorce but just an annulment, this is just a way to make your marriage become null or void. 

#3 Filipinas Are Religious 

One of the greatest values in the Philippines that is recognize by many countries is that Filipino people are religious and God-fearing.  Most of the people in the Philippines are Catholic. Though in the Philippines there are many religious groups, at the end of the day we have only one God in the center of our lives. When marrying a Filipina this kind of value is one of the reasons as wife material. Whenever a foreign man marries a Filipina, except that she has a strong faith in God. 

However, if you are not of the same belief, you need to respect their beliefs in faith by embracing their culture and not by judging them.  Most Filipinas are very religious, they offer their life and soul to God. Most of the mothers they are the one brings her children to church to know the concept of being fearful and loving to God. 

#4 They Are A Great Cooker

Who else doesn’t want to have a wife that is good in the kitchen? There is a saying that “ a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. In the Philippines, most of the time women will be the ones who is in charge in the kitchen. Cooking a delicious and homemade meal is their way to make their husbands happy and full. When marrying a Filipina expect that she will be your greatest chef. Knowing the fact that most Filipinos love to eat food all the time. She will be able to serve her husband various and delicious kinds of dishes.

They even serve you 4 meals a day that is good for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. They know how to make their husbands happy by cooking them some comfort food. This is why some foreigners love to marry a Filipina because of the way they take care of their husband. Your Filipina wife will cook you unusual dishes that are the pride of the Philippines like cooking Adobo, Sinigang, and Lechon. 

#5 Filipina Are Friendly And Sociable

Filipinos are known to be hospitable and friendly people. They also want to socialize with other people.  When you marry a Filipina expect that she has a lot of friends and she thinks about her family. Nowadays because of technology they can socialize with their friends and family even if it is outside the country. Using a cellular phone there are some applications that you can use to communicate with loved ones. They always want to communicate with their family and ensure they are safe and healthy. 

Filipinos can also use social media to make new friends and socialize through this. This shows that when marrying a Filipina expect that she will also take care and love your family, the same as when she takes care of you. She will help you and support you in everything. Marrying a Filipina will do everything possible to make her husband happy and feel loved. 

#6 Filipina Are Hospitable

Filipinos are popular for their hospitality, but it is more agreeable to said than Filipinos. For instance, they have visitors whether family or friends or visitors outside the country except that Filipinos treated them like VIPs. Filipinos welcome visitors with a warm, safe, and loving atmosphere. For instance, her foreign boyfriend went to the Philippines to visit her, expecting that she and her family members will treat him like he is a star! They will even prepare a lot of Filipino food for the visitors and they are also excited to introduce you to other family members. For the Filipina, these traits show that she can be a good wife to her husband.  This is also the reason why most foreigners love to come back to the Philippines. While the others come back to settle down with their wife and make a living in the Philippines. 

#7 Filipinas Are Pretty

Filipinas undoubtedly have the most pretty faces across Asia. Somehow we got colonized by different races. They are Spanish, Chinese, American, Malay, and many other races. Because of this people in the Philippines have mixed with different beauty bloodlines. The melting pot of other races and cultures makes the people uniquely beautiful. And makes Filipina naturally beautiful. Filipina beauty has the brightest beauty among Western and Asian women around the world. This is why a lot of foreign men get attracted to Filipinas. They also get attracted to the kind of personality a Filipina has. From having a positive outlook in life in all aspects.

#8 Filipinas Are Well Educated

In the Philippines, education is very important. Filipinos value the importance of education. Parents pursue their children to study and graduate in college. They will feel blessed if all their children will graduate from college. For Filipina being able to graduate from college and get the degree they want is a big accomplishment. Unlike in other Asian countries, Filipina can also get a degree. They can be an architect, a doctor, scientist, police, engineer, and even a firefighter. Filipino women are not only beautiful, but they are also smart and clever in all aspects. Foreign men are lucky to have a Filipina wife. 

Filipina is born intelligent and tactful in everything. They can handle the toughest decisions and problems of the family. They can easily adapt to certain changes in situations, emotions, and environments. If her foreign husband wants to take her to settle and leave the country. Filipina wife is willing to take the risk of leaving her family in the Philippines. She also has a fighting spirit to adapt to things easily. Expect that when marrying a Filipina they can be a good housewife and at the same time a good provider for her family. Filipina is good at balancing everything, in terms of work and taking care of her family. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of reasons and expectations when you marry a Filipina. The most important is you are willing to adapt and embrace all her flaws, respect her cultures and beliefs. The key to making your marriage work is to understand each other. Both need to be more optimistic in certain changes of situation and emotion. Just like other marriages, the way to have a successful marriage is to give and take. We can say that foreign men are lucky to have a Filipina wife. Filipinas have a lot of values and traits that are perfect for being wife material. 

For instance, if you get married and you want her to take you with you to live outside the country. She is willing to give up her Filipino culture and live with her family just to be with you. She is willing to adapt and accept the culture you have, she will take care of you and stick with you for the rest of your life. Because being a Filipina gives the importance of marriage. So the least you can do is to respect, adapt and accept their culture and beliefs. Respect also if they give so much love to their family.

Even they have their own family they want to support their family as much as they can. This is one of the cultures of being a Filipino, having a support system for the family because family for them is one of the biggest parts of their lives. So as a husband you also need to support and respect your wife’s decision. 

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