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When is the Cheapest Time to Travel to The Philippines?

The Philippines is a beautiful tropical paradise and there’s never a bad time to visit it. However, if you want to save money to make your travel cheaper. In this article, we will help you determine when is the cheapest time to travel to the Philippines. Read on for more tips on when and how to reach this beautiful paradise without breaking the bank:

Cheapest Time to Travel to the Philipines.

Peak season is in the months of January, November, and December. On the other hand, the cheapest month to fly to the Philippines in September. The flight cost ranges around $1500 to $1800.

It is also recommended to travel to the islands between approximately October and April. Keep in mind that the Philippines is a big Catholic country. This means that it can be quite expensive to travel here during the Christmas holiday and Holly Week.

Why Visit the Philippines?

If your idea of an amazing holiday is to lounge in tranquil beaches and islands, explore in fun outdoor activities, taste delicious local cuisine, and join vibrant festivals, the Philippines should be on your list of countries to visit. Keep reading and to learn why this country is becoming more and more popular with travelers.

1. Long Summers

Love being under the sun all day? Philippines island wouldn’t disappoint. With more than 7,000 islands to choose from, you will find many ways to enjoy summer in this country. Since the Philippines is a tropical country, it only has two seasons: dry and rainy seasons. The dry season is from November to May while the rainy season is from June until October.

Even during the rainy months, some parts of the country are still sunny and warm so you don’t have to worry about a boring holiday. Tours in the Philippines are still ongoing and the cancellations happen when there’s a typhoon.

Note that during summer, the weather can be really warm, which happens during March, April, and May. These months are when it’s best to go to island and beach destinations such as Palawan, Boracay, and Cebu.

2. Friendly Locals

Besides the beautiful view, another reason tourist keeps coming back to the Philippines are the friendly locals. This country has been continuously topping the surveys when it comes to friendliness. It was even no as one of the friendliest countries in Asia.

Since Filipinos are proud their country as well as their culture, and they love sharing it with the locals. That’s why the moment you land, you will feel that locals are used to meeting tourists and helping them get around the cities and provinces. Some of them are willing will go out of their way to help you out.

English is the 2nd language in the Philippines, making communication easier for tourists. Majority of Filipinos locals knows how to speak and understand the English language, that’s why it is a truly convenient place for foreign visitors. If you are lost or need help with food recommendations, locals are more than happy to help.

If you’re lucky some of the locals may even invite you to their homes. Filipinos have close family ties and are very hospitable so don’t be surprised if you get invited to local homes for lunch or dinner.

3. Affordable Tourist Destinations

Ask the many backpackers who have stayed in the Philippines for months and they will tell you how much affordable it is to stay and have fun in this country.

As a traveler, cost is one of the major concerns. Worry not as the cost of living and expenses for traveling around the Philippines will not break your bank. If you go island hopping in Palawan or Boracay, you only need around PHP1000 (USD20). For food, one meal will cost you around PHP6 (USD6). As for accommodations, budget hotel rooms cost around PHP1000 (USD20).

4. Natural Wonders

Teeming with unique natural wonders, Philippines sure knows how to draw tourists in. From the capital city of Manila to the Underground River in Puerto Princesa Underground River, you will find a lot of natural wonders around the country. Puerto Princesa Underground River is known as the longest navigable underground river in the world. It is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

5. Colorful and Fun Festivities

If you want to be a part of a fun and colorful street party, come to the Philippines. Since this country has a beautful culture, history, and is very religious, they celebrate them through festivities or fiestas. There are many festivals in the Philippines from January to May. You can hop from one island to another to attend a crazy fun street party.

It is also a way to celebrate significant events like good harvest or to honor saints.

6. Delicious Filipino Food

Filipino Food

With it’s rich histroy and colorful culture, Philippines has become a melting pot for great dishes. This country has been colonized by the US, Japanese, and Spaniards for years. It also has deep ties with its neighboring countries that’s why their cuisine is very delicious and diverse.

Some most popular Filipino dishes are chicken and / or pork adobo which is cooked in soy sauce and vinegar. They are also known for roasted pig called lechon. You will also love the exotic food such as the duck embryo or balut.

7. Underwater Friends

Diving spots Philippines

Anilao, Bohol, Apo Island, and Tubattaha Reef are just some of the most popular diving spots in the Philippines. With Anilao being only 2 hours away from Manila, it can be easy to organize a day tour to discover the beautiful underwater sceneries in the Philippines. The best part is that you don’t even have to be a professional diver to see these sceneries. Even just by snorkeling in Anilao and Bohol, you will see a lot of underwater creatures you’ve never seen before.

8. Exciting Outdoor Adventures

The Philippines has a great range of beautoful mountains and trails for hiking adventures that you can select from and they all come in different sizes. So whether you’re a newbie or a pro,  hiking in this country will be a great adventure for you.

Hiking in the Philppines can be tiring due to humidity but you will be rewarded with beautiful sceneries like ocean view, sea of clouds, or refreshing waterfalls.

Some of the must-try hiking tours to include in your list are the  Mount Pinatubo day hike in Tarlac using 4×4 trail ride, Mount Pulag hike in North Luzon, Mount Pico de Loro hiking tour in Batangas, and lastly the highest in the country, Mount Apo in Davao.

Best months to visit the islands in the Philippines

Since this country sprawled into over 7000 of islands, deciding when is the cheapest time to travel to the Philippines may vary. Your decision can sometimes vary depending on which island destination you wish to visit:


Since Palawan has been listed in so many travel island destinations around the globe, many tourists want to visit it. The best part is that rain showers don’t last long here. Most of the time it only rains in the afternoon so you can still make the most of your day tour.  Whether you wish to visit Coron or Puerto Princessa, a trip during June, July, and August will be less crowded but relatively sunny.


Many tourist do not recommend Manila because it can be very crowded and traffic, especially during peak season. While Manila is best during dry months or between October-April, the streets are always packed with both locals and tourists. If you want to know when is the cheapest time to travel to the Philippines, avoid Manila during rush hour.


Boracay has been recently rehabilitated and is now ready to accept tourists. This paradise island is now better than ever in welcoming guests after a period of rehabilitation for ecological reasons. The beautiful island of Boracay is also a popular destination for Filipinos and tourists alike during Christmas and summer. For good weather and less crowds, it is best to visit during months such as September and March. These months of the best of both worlds for a good holiday which are good weather, light crowds.

Northern Luzon

Summer in Manila can be really humid. That’s why some tourists spend the dry season in mountainous Ifugao province such as Baguio and Sagada and in the foothills of Mt. Pinatubo as these places can be pretty chilly. Consider visiting these places in November or March for dry but chilly weather.

Cebu and Bohol

Bohol and Cebu are just a few hours away from each other. However, these regions are among the rainiest in the Philippines. This is because they are affected by 2 different monsoons. It is best to visit during May or June whether you want to climb the Chocolate Hills of Bohol or check out the Spanish-colonial architecture in Cebu City.

The longer time you spend in the Philippines, the more beautiful destinations you will add in your list. While it is difficult it is to accurately predict when is the cheapest time to travel to the Philippines, other conditions can help you decide. On the other hand, a more sprawling itinerary also increases your chances of finding true travel magic.

What to expect when you travel to the Philippines during the following months:

Festival Philippines


January is the start of the year and is usually an ideal month to visit this tropical country. If you want to avoid the rainy season and the humid weather during summer, January is the best month to go. The only down side is that there are chances of rain, as it’s the time of the year when the temperature is cooler because of the Northeast Monsoon. January also best time to see some of the country’s best and popular festivals. These festivals include Cebu‘s  Sinulog Festival and Aklan’s Ati-Atihan Festival. Sinulog happens during the 3rd week of January while Ati-Atihan Festival is celebrated in the 2nd week.


During February, the weather temperature may be a bit higher, as compared to January. However it is still relatively cold. During this month you can take advantage of Baguio City’s chilly weather and celebrate their “flower festival” popularly known as the Panagbenga. Baguio is known as the country’s Summer Capital which hosts this annual event on the third week of February. It features a parade of beautifully decorated floats While you’re at it, you can also visit neighboring attractions such as the Sagada’s Sumaguing caves, man-made Banaue Rice Terraces or visit the tattoo artist Apo Whang Od. You can also extend your trip up north by attending Philippines’ Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga.


March is the time when the whether temperature starts to pick up as it signals the upcoming sunny season. However, it is the best time for many as there’s no rain yet and the conditions still make it an ideal time for going around the country. Usually, the Holy Week falls during this month. It can also be in early April. As mentioned, since the majority of Filipinos are Catholics, this means that you can witness week-long religious activities until Easter Sunday. Most friends and families spend their Holy Week out of town so Manila is free from traffic for a brief moment.


This is the month to brace yourself for humid and hot weather in the Philippines.Aas the temperature and humidity levels will only continue to rise in Manila and the rest of the country. Most travellers see this month to kickstart their adventures. You can start to explore beautiful and remote islands without torrential rains. After Easter, it’s expected that more tourists will head to popular destinations such as the islands of Palawan and Boracay are mostly on travelers’ itineraries! If you don’t want to go to the beach and feel like exploring the country’s culture, you can attend events during this month like Marinduque’s Moriones Festival and Bangus Festival in Dagupan City.


The month of May is still a great time for traveling in the Philippines. While lowland areas may experience hotter temperatures, you can head to the mountains (and see the Chocolate Hills turn chocolate brown in color) or coastal areas to cool down. Should you want to avoid the crowds in Boracay, there are white-sand beaches you can visit that are just as amazing as the world-famous island. Drop by the Quezon Province to see the colorful Pahiyas Festival, or witness how the Filipinos celebrate Flores de Mayo (a floral offering to the Virgin Mary that welcomes the rain). You can also watch a religious procession known as the Santacruzan — there’s usually one in every town!

The rest of the year

The weather can be unpredictable in the country so it’s hand to know when is the cheapest time to travel to the Philippines. Moreover, as some typhoons occur outside of the typhoon season. In general, avoid visiting the Philippines during its typical rainy season — from July until October.

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