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Where to Stay in Batanes: 5 Best Hotels and Resorts

If you are reading this article, then you are probably planning to go to Batanes soon. We know how hard it is to look for the best place to stay which is why in this post we will tell where it is best to book accommodation. May it be luxury batanes hotels and resorts or budget-friendly hotels, we will definitely provide you a great choice in this list.

The province of Batangas is located in the northernmost part of the Philippines. Also, it comprises of three major islands – Itbayat, Sabtan, and Batan. Aside from these large islands, there are also other smaller islands. The primary reason why a lot of tourists like Batanes is because of its rich culture, specifically the historical houses made of stones.

Understanding Batanes

Before we move on to the list of the 5 Batanes hotels and resorts, let us first know more things about Batanes.

Batanes is considered as an isolated place in the Philippines. It is not easily accessible and the best way to go there is by plane. Moreover, Batanes is a ten-piece archipelago consisting of three huge islands. The island Batan consists of Mahatao, Uyugan, Ivana, and Basco. On the other hand, the other two major islands, Itbayat and Sabtang are their own town.

Basco is popular among tourists but it is not the capital. It is not even considered as a city but the place is crowded most of the time. Aside from that, one reason why it is crowded is that the airport is located there.

Among Batan, Sabtang, and Itbayat, the largest island is Sabtang. If you are coming from the town of Ivana, it will take you at most 45 minutes by boat to reach Sabtang island. Itbayat, on the other hand, is located in the most north and is three hours from Basco.

Best Batanes Hotels and Resorts

There are hundreds of places to stay in Batanes, the three major islands have hotels and resorts that are great value for money. To make it easy for you, listed below are the 5 best Batanes hotels and resorts to stay during your Batanes trip. The price varies so we hope the choices will be of great help in planning your next getaway. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. Fundacion Pacita

The first on our list is the Fundacion Pacita Hotel. If you try to ask someone who’s been to Batanes whether he/she knows this place, the answer is most likely yes. Fundacion is popular among tourists because it provides travelers a scenic place to stay in Batanes. The place is really Instagram worthy you do not need to apply any filter just to make it picturesque.

Where to Stay in Batanes: 5 Best Hotels and Resorts

The place is somehow surrounded by the sky, sea, and mountain. This makes it the best place to just observe and appreciate the beauty of Batanes. Moreover, it is the best spot to witness the spectacular landscape and the stylish heritage of the people of Ivatan. Enjoy capturing the beauty of Batanes while staying in the comfort of your hotel.

This artsy place is very much similar to an art gallery. Another great thing about this place is every room is designed differently. Each room has paintings and artworks made by popular artists and even those amateur ones with amazing talents. Meanwhile, the vibe of the place gives you that feeling like you are just at home but far away from your real home. Best of all, this place offers a bed and breakfast. The management cares about their guests so much to the point that hotel staff will assist you with airport transfer and other necessary services you need.

What makes Fundacion Pacita your place to be, is that it promotes the traditional houses of Ivatan and eagerly support the community from its superlative cuisine and cultural conservation projects.

*Location and Contact Details

The exact location of Fundacion Pacita is Barangay Chanarian, Tukon, Basco, Batanes 3900 Philippines. For inquiries and reservations and inquiries, you can contact them at 0939-9016353 (Smart) | 0917-8559364 (Globe). Also, you can send them an email at If you need more details, visit their site at

2. Octagon Bed and Dine

Aside from magnificent historical buildings and resorts that promote the conservation of the cultural heritage of Batanes, there are also resorts that provide you with a scenic ocean view.

With Octagon Bed and Dine, you will get to experience the jaw-dropping picturesque anywhere you look, as well as the famous lighthouses, waves busting on the rocks, and historical stone houses. Yes, you can experience all that while staying in Octagon Bed and Dine.

Before the octagon became a hotel, it first started as a restaurant only with a view of the sea. They serve popular Ivatan cuisine and other Filipino dishes. Enjoy the food at an outdoor deck with a spectacular view of the West Philippine Sea, Naidi lighthouse, Basco Port, to name a few. You can easily grab something to eat since the rooms are near the restaurant. They are situated below the viewing deck. Which is why some rooms have a beach view and of course access to the front bach.

The overall style of Octagon Bed and Dine reflects the culture of the Ivatan and how the locals lived several years ago. The painting and artworks aim to conserve the cultural heritage of the Ivatan people.

On top of that, the Octagon Bed and Dine situated in the town of Basco, Batanes where most establishments and shops are located. It will only take you five minutes to reach the busy street market of Abad street and another few minutes to reach the town proper, municipal halls, and churches. If you want to visit the famous Nidi hills Lighthouse, you can rent a bicycle and it will only take you thirty minutes to reach the lighthouse.

*Location and Contact Details:

The Octagon Bed and Dine is located in Sitio Disong Brgy. Kaychanarian, National Road, Basco Batanes. Their contact numbers are 09396451744 or 09369548482. You can also visit their website at if you need more details.

3. Batanes Seaside Lodge and Restaurant

The Batanes Seaside Lodge and Restaurant is the first hotel in the province of Batanes. Upon reading this, you are probably thinking of not including this on your list because the facilities are not in good condition. The truth is, and this is according to the reviews from the guests, this place provides the best and budget-friendly accommodation in the whole province of Batanes. Yes, the building is old, but the owner makes sure that it is well-maintained and that the guests will have a comfortable stay at the place. It really is a home away from home.

Where to Stay in Batanes: 5 Best Hotels and Resorts

The Batanes Seaside Hotel has two branches. Situated along the National Road, overseeing the Basco Bay is the Main Branch. The branch is easy to access as it is only five minutes away from the airport. On the other hand, the other branch is located in Basco Town. This town is where the shops, crown of Ivatans, and private markets are located. These establishments are only a 3-minute drive from the airport, hence it is crowded most of the time.

What is great about both branches is that they are only walking distance from the Cathedral Church and Basco Plaza. Thus, regardless of the branch you choose, both are accessible. Moreover, both branches offer a two-way airport transfer and free breakfast during your stay. Since the establishment of this hotel, a lot of famous celebrities visited the place. The place is suitable for a family trip, friends, and even business meetings.

*Location and contact details:

The main branch is situated in National Rd, Basco, 3900 Batanes while the annex branch is at Amboy St., Brgy. Kaychanarianan Basco, Batanes. For bookings and inquiries, you can contact them at  +63 999 994 2313 | +63 999 992 4977 | +63 945 567 7501 or send them an email at For more information, visit

4. Dive Batanes Lodge

The Dive Batanes Lodge is also one of the popular Batanes hotels and resorts. Similar to the previous accommodations, this place is also close to popular tourist spots like the Chanarian Beach close to Basco in the Batanes Group of Island.

Even though this lodge is close to popular tourist spots, the place will not fail to give you a relaxing and peaceful stay. It is also close to the ocean, so we recommend that you choose a room that has a spectacular view of the ocean. The sound of the waves will make you want to extend your stay there.

If you are searching for the best quiet place to stay that feels like you are far away from the busy town proper, we recommend the Dive Batanes Lodge. Also, this is perfect for travelers who are fond of diving. In this lodge, the daylight helps the guest get ready for the diving and snorkeling tours and for the sunset cruise. Sounds exciting, right?

While it is fun to visit the popular tourist destination is Batanes, like the lighthouse, historical stone houses, and churches, cafes, view decks, it would be also great to do water activities especially diving and snorkeling.

*Location and Contact Details:

The exact location of Dive Batanes is 72 Chajajas Street, BascoBatanes 3900, Philippines. For tickets and reservations, you can contact them at 09478969492. You can also send them an email at To know more about the place, visit their website at

5. Amboy Hometel

Last but definitely not least is the Amboy Hometel. The establishment of this hotel proves that the status of the business in Batanes is consistent. The overall modern style of the place beautifully resembles the setting during the Victorian Era Setting. The ambiance feels like you are just at home. Moreover, it is relaxing and cozy.

Where to Stay in Batanes: 5 Best Hotels and Resorts

Aside from that, the staff is also trained to provide the guests with a wonderful stay at the Amboy Hometel. If you need anything, they are easy to contact or approach as they roam around the place to attend to the needs of the guests. In addition to that, the place comes with fully furnished standard and premium rooms and when you book early, you will get bigger discounts.

On top of that, Amboy Hometel provides a private vehicle to guests that they can rent for tours.

*Location and contact details

The exact location of Batanes Amboy Hometel is Brgy. Chanarin 3901 Basco, Batanes Philippines. For inquiries and reservations, you can contact them at 0945-8061656 or 0949-5784710. They are responsive over email too For more details, visit their website at

When is the Best Time to Visit Batanes?

While you can visit Batanes any month of the year, the best time to go for you to enjoy your stay is from the month of December until May. This time of the year is considered the dry season. If you want a summer vibe, it would be best to schedule a trip in April or May. On the other hand, if you are like me and you want a cooler atmosphere, you can January and February is the best period.

On the off chance, you are only available in June-November, you can still go. However, you might want to bring an umbrella during your tour. Also, the pictures will not look as great as other pictures you saw online since the sun is not out.

It is also important to take note that strong typhoons usually land in August to October. If you do not want to waste your time and money while staying indoor, do avoid going on those specific months.


Batanes one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines because of how the rich cultural heritage is conserved through the stone houses, and churches. You can even see how the culture of the Ivatans in the paintings and art decors in hotels and resorts. We understand that Batanes is a large place and looking for the perfect place to stay is different. The 5 best Batanes hotels and resorts included in this article will make your stay more memorable by providing exemplary customer service and great facilities. Also, you will get to witness the rich culture of Batanes even at the comfort of the hotel.

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